Snapshot Saturday: And our first feature goes to…drumroll please!!!

Our very first snapshot Saturday feature goes to… Drew Russell!


Things are getting a little fishy around Toledo Zoo

Because obviously I’m talking about Toledo Zoo’s new aquarium! I had the chance to finally go see what has been being built for the last 4 years that I got to hear about the planning stages for, for about the last 7 years. Needless to say, I was anxious. It met all my expectations plus…

The real Kings of the Jungle

I am currently reading a book about Dian Fossey called Woman in the Mists. I am not even a fourth of the way through it but reading it provoked some thoughts within me. Do people like Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, Louis Leakey, and even a recent hero, Laurie Marker; do these people still exist? These…