3 Sneaky Ways to Reduce the Plastic in Your Life

Plastic is not only bad for the environment but also your health, switch them out with sustainable products today!


4 Ways Your Dog Can Live Eco-Friendly Too!

I’ve always loved animals, so after I stopped working in the zoological field, getting a dog was a logical next step. Cooper stole my heart when I met him at the shelter when his name was Pete, they didn’t know his breed, and he was just 13 weeks old. He was an impeccable puppy and…

Up-cycling Thursday Part 2: Sweet Salvage’s and Shining Knights

My mom and I have way too much fun together. And yes, she did inspire the knight-hood pictured above. One of our favorite things to do together is to go to up-cycling shops, and one of our favorites is Sweet Salvage. This awesome store is only open one weekend per month and there is always…