Sustainable Early Fall Fashion Round-Up

My first fall in Texas has been nothing less then not fall at all…But always being up for a challenge I’ve tried to find good transition outfits that can handle the 75 degree days and the 60 degree mornings and nights. All outfits are from thrift stores, and all jewelry is from Raven + Lily,…


Up-cycling Thursday: Back to basics

Today is all about not being perfect (ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you I’m far from). This interview ready outfit is only 1/4 up-cycled (and thats OK!). The black shirt is from my favorite consignment store, and it’s my most favorite basic black shirt. It is a peplum top that is 100% cotton….

Up-cycling Thursday: #ootd Strictly Spring

Outfit of the day highlights this beautiful embroidered skirt from My Sister Closet. Paired with a bright tank, strappy shoes and minimal jewelry and this outfit can take you anywhere on a hot day! Consignment clothes never felt so great! Go find your local consignment store and get shopping. Stay eco-friendly and fabulous, my friends!

SJP goes green, fabulously

I’ll tell you my dirty little secret, or at least one of them. I am slightly obsessed with Sex and the City, so naturally Sarah Jessica Parker is one of my idols. Not only because she played an awesome and entertaining character but also because she is one of the few celebrities who I feel…

Up-cycling your spring style and imagining warmer weather

These days I am NOT wakin’ up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy… I am wakin’ up in the morning to the realization that it is still winter and will be for at least the next month, if not longer. I also wake up every morning asking myself why I still live somewhere so…

FASHION ALERT! up-cycling in action!!

$10 skirt with $15 alterations is still less than the original price on this White House, black market pencil skirt ! Oh yeah, and it’s good for the planet because it is from a consignment store!!! Stay fashionable my friends!

up-cycled LBD in the spot light

Got to wear this little black dress last night at a charity fashion show supporting Nellies Catwalk for Kids! After paying $10 for the dress and $10 for alterations to repair a small hole, I was out $20 for a consignment store dress. However, the compliments I received were priceless. Proof that you can rock…