(late) Foodie Friday: a summer twist on your average pizza

Better late than never! Foodie Friday is focused on summer pizza!


Green tip Monday: Tis the season of farmer’s markets

So today on green your life Monday we are going to explore why farmers markets are a great way to supplement your food buying experience. Here’s how it traditionally goes: Farm → Mass Transit → Grocery Store → You The side effects: Increased price to pay the grocery store and more pesticides on the produce so that it…

It’s Coffee O’Clock: Time to re-think your caffeine habits

Coffee, I can’t function without it. I truly look forward to my coffee in the morning…or afternoon…or night. I just LOVE coffee. However, since coffee is the 2nd most traded product in the world behind oil, it takes a pretty hefty toll on the environment. Between the massive amounts of water to grow it, to…