5 Natural Ways to Get Glowing, Clear Skin

Sharing my secrets to soft, and glowing skin - lifestyle changes and my go-to products!


Sustainable Self-Care Sunday Essentials

You can always make time for yourself, and for the record, it's always worth it. I take at least an hour every Sunday for self-care - mental, physical, and emotional. I take my time, do at least a 20 minute yoga flow, resolve not to wear any makeup, take an epsom salt bath to draw… Continue reading Sustainable Self-Care Sunday Essentials

DevaCurl, EcoFab Beauty

A Week of Extensions – Before DevaCurl

My unhealthy obsession with hair began when I decided I didn’t like my hair being short anymore. Growing up I always had average brown moderately wavy/curly hair. I wore it naturally curly for many years even after I chopped it from halfway down my back to just above my shoulders. The point of no return… Continue reading A Week of Extensions – Before DevaCurl

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Natural Ways to Address Hair Loss

Yep that's right, HAIR LOSS. I have bald spots in my 20's, this is a hard dose of reality friends. I seriously cannot believe I am in my 20's and writing this...I may or may not have a mild obsession with my hair whether I'm dying it, growing it, or generally just trying to manage… Continue reading Natural Ways to Address Hair Loss

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An Organic Hair Care Routine for the Books

There is just something about a woman and her hair. There really is something to the phrase "a woman's hair is her crowning glory". Traditionally this implied long hair but as times have changed and so has the meaning of this phrase. Woman rock hair of all different lengths, colors, and styles and when you're… Continue reading An Organic Hair Care Routine for the Books

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My minimal makeup look with Tarte Cosmetics

I decided to order myself some new makeup because I was running out and I wanted the joy of ordering something and getting it in the mail. The anticipation is truly addicting. Finding organic-ish type makeup is no easy task. After tons of research I came upon Tarte Cosmetics. They're a brand that specifically dubs… Continue reading My minimal makeup look with Tarte Cosmetics

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Self-Confidence and being Eco-Friendly

Your skin tells your story. Scars talk about your past. Skin tone talks about your heritage. Skin health speaks to your present lifestyle. The only thing a tanning bed tan says about you is your future wrinkles and skin cancer scares.