Sustainable Self-Care Sunday Essentials

You can always make time for yourself, and for the record, it's always worth it. I take at least an hour every Sunday for self-care - mental, physical, and emotional. I take my time, do at least a 20 minute yoga flow, resolve not to wear any makeup, take an epsom salt bath to draw… Continue reading Sustainable Self-Care Sunday Essentials


A Sustainability Review of Magnolia Market

I am guilty of being a typical American woman and being obsessed with the show Fixer Upper. I get my coffee on Sundays and sit down and flip between the Food Network and HGTV and I've never felt more domesticated in my life. I guess I'd be more domesticated if I actually did the projects… Continue reading A Sustainability Review of Magnolia Market

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3 Easy Zero-Waste Hacks to Try This Weekend

My schedule is way too busy and my attention span way too short to have to think about being sustainable at every moment of every day. I've discovered about myself that the easier I make things for myself, the more apt I am to actually do the right thing. For example, I will usually eat… Continue reading 3 Easy Zero-Waste Hacks to Try This Weekend


Homemade No-Fat, Crock Pot Black Beans

You can actually use this recipe either black beans or pinto beans and leave them whole or mash/blend them for refried beans. What You'll Need: 8oz. bag of dry black beans 8 cups of liquid (vegetable broth or water) 1 1/2 tablespoons chili powder 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon cumin 2 teaspoons Mexican oregano… Continue reading Homemade No-Fat, Crock Pot Black Beans


The Best Black Bean Enchiladas (Vegan)

I never thought enchiladas would ever be the same without cheese and meat. So I put myself on a mission to create a vegan enchilada option that satisfied my very high expectations. These enchiladas are filling, nutritious, lactose-free, and meat-free. Includes rolling tutorial and a nutritional breakdown at the end! What You'll Need: 2 poblano… Continue reading The Best Black Bean Enchiladas (Vegan)


Hormone Balancing Cream: Does it Work?

If you've ever felt that your emotions get out of control in a pattern every month, and that pattern happens to be associated with your menstrual cycle, you may want to start asking yourself some really important questions. As I explained in a previous post, I have done research on believe that I deal with… Continue reading Hormone Balancing Cream: Does it Work?

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Sustainable Early Fall Fashion Round-Up

My first fall in Texas has been nothing less then not fall at all...But always being up for a challenge I've tried to find good transition outfits that can handle the 75 degree days and the 60 degree mornings and nights. All outfits are from thrift stores, and all jewelry is from Raven + Lily,… Continue reading Sustainable Early Fall Fashion Round-Up