The Key to being Eco-Fabulous


Hi there!

Welcome to the Eco-Fab life! This blog serves as a resource to those of you who would like to be a little more friendly to the earth, as well as maintain your fabulous lifestyle. From cosmetic reviews, to DIY up-cycling projects, to organic recipes, to my favorite thrift store finds; read about it here.

Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems from the outside. You don’t have to do wheat grass shots, bicycle everywhere, and/or be a hippie to make small daily changes that lead to living a more natural and organic life.

Here’s the motto:

perfection is not required, but effort is. 

Meaning you don’t have to do every single thing that’s good for the environment, but just start with one at a time. Feel free to poke around, leave comments, and start living eco-fabulous one day at a time.



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