Meet Brooke


Hello my Eco-Fabulous friends,

That’s me, and welcome to my Eco-Fabulous living blog, a spot for ideas, insights, and reviews on living that Eco-Fab lifestyle.

Me in a nutshell:

  • Accidental vegetarian and sometimes even vegan
  • Inconsistent but committed Yogi
  • Dog mom to the cutest boy in the world
  • Chef with no recipes who hates to measure
  • Millennial who doesn’t live at home and most likely has early onset arthritis in her thumbs from texting

Do all of these labels describe me? Yes. However my favorite label is “Eco-Fabulous girl who doesn’t have all the answers but is trying to find them out”.

I truly believe that trying to be kind to the earth is more difficult these days than it ever has been before. Due to this, Eco-Fabulous Living focuses on easy ways to lead a more natural, organic, and eco-friendly life.

I was incredibly blessed with a mother who was very conscious about what we ate, drank, used, all of the above. In turn, this made me more interested in finding natural solutions to simple problems. Then after I graduated college and money got tight (thank you entry level job), it became a way for me to save money. I am still amazed at how much money one can save my cooking at home instead of eating out, making their own face wash, shopping at thrift stores, etc. So walk with me through this journey to leading a more gentle life for the Earth, and saving money while you’re at it.

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