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Conservation Wednesday: Not your average Cecil the Lion post

The death of Cecil the lion, and any endangered animal is a tragedy and an injustice. The circumstances surrounding Cecil’s hunt, suffering, and subsequent death were purely out of a small man’s need to feel powerful. Any human being whose soul is sewn with any kind of decent thread will measure a man’s power by… Continue reading Conservation Wednesday: Not your average Cecil the Lion post

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Props Wednesday: Costumes for Conservation

I love all (most) animals, but there's only a couple that I go coo coo for coco puffs about. One of those animals is the Giant Panda, the obsession has been real since around 2002. The only reason I actually have a year on this was because my family took a vacation to Washington DC… Continue reading Props Wednesday: Costumes for Conservation

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The real Kings of the Jungle

I am currently reading a book about Dian Fossey called Woman in the Mists. I am not even a fourth of the way through it but reading it provoked some thoughts within me. Do people like Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, Louis Leakey, and even a recent hero, Laurie Marker; do these people still exist? These… Continue reading The real Kings of the Jungle

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Oh, the Hu-manatee!!!

Ok, so my puns are not always the best, but the title of this post really made me laugh. I love manatees, I have had a strange fascination with them for a long time. It is actually one of my wildest dreams to hug one, even though it is highly illegal. Yesterday, 19 manatees were… Continue reading Oh, the Hu-manatee!!!

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Why the number 96 matters

96. It isn't a common number that you see in every day life... unless you're an elephant advocate. That is the number of elephants that are poached every day for their ivory. To many, it is a mentality of out of sight, out of mind. However, elephants contribute to a delicate ecosystem that affects everyone… Continue reading Why the number 96 matters

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In terms of hunting, the Seahawk is no loser.

If you're anything like me, then you dozed off during the first two quarters of the game last night and then woke up just long enough to watch Katy Perry kill it at halftime. After praising the ground that Katy Perry walks on, you went to bed. You woke up this morning, turned on the… Continue reading In terms of hunting, the Seahawk is no loser.

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Shamelessly follow your passions

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. The universe, and whatever divine power you believe in, has a plan for you. Now, this is not my usual post but I feel that it is important to share. My passion has and will always be animals and conserving the planet, and whatever your passion… Continue reading Shamelessly follow your passions