sustainable living, UpCycling 101

Turning Recyclables Into Wearables

One man's recyclable is another man's... high fashion boots?

sustainable living, UpCycling 101

3 Reasons You Should Start Shopping at Thrift Stores

Ditch your misconception about thrift stores, and start shopping Eco-Fab today!

UpCycling 101

Thrift store mirror: up-cycling edition

Decorating has never been my forte... My mom flew across the country to help me decorate my first real apartment if that gives any indication of how bad I am at these things. But as I am growing older and wiser (sometimes) I am trying to hone in my domestic skills. In an effort to… Continue reading Thrift store mirror: up-cycling edition

EcoFab Beauty, UpCycling 101

Up-cycling Thursday: Back to basics

Today is all about not being perfect (ask anyone who knows me, they'll tell you I'm far from). This interview ready outfit is only 1/4 up-cycled (and thats OK!). The black shirt is from my favorite consignment store, and it's my most favorite basic black shirt. It is a peplum top that is 100% cotton.… Continue reading Up-cycling Thursday: Back to basics

EcoFab Beauty, UpCycling 101

LBD that is good for the planet, WHAT?!

An oldie but goodie! The little black dress comes out to play and its recycled!

That’s right, your little black dress can be good for the environment. How you ask? Shopping at consignment stores!! It is the most fun way of up-cycling (upscale recycling). Dress your little black dress up or down and you will look amazing and timeless. You can find my last post about up-cycling here:

A little black dress is essential for every woman’s wardrobe but here are some rules I stick to:

1. Aim for knee length or just above the knee, keep it classy

2. Stick to one style, ERRR no. Switch it up! Try on different styles and see what works!

3. Tight is ok but thin fabric is NOT! If I can tell what color thong you are wearing or I can make out any hidden tattoos the fabric is too thin. Make sure you are getting a quality product even though it is recycled!

4. Find…

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