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How Hormone Balancing Saved My 20’s

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice. This article is merely to tell my story and encourage you to do research and go see a doctor if you resonate at all with any of this. You and your quality of life MATTER.  I used to feel bat shit crazy.… Continue reading How Hormone Balancing Saved My 20’s

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Pumpkin Pie with Gingersnap Graham Cracker Crust | Vegan

One of the easiest ways to start cooking vegan is starting with desserts! It's so so easy to substitute eggs, butter, and milk with plant-based alternatives. This pumpkin pie filling was inspired by It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken (I changed some of the ratios to account for the flavors in the crust), which is an AMAZING… Continue reading Pumpkin Pie with Gingersnap Graham Cracker Crust | Vegan


The Perfect Picnic Staple – Corn & Black Bean Salsa

This is the most perfect picnic salad because it travels well and you can make it in advance. It also give you all the good nutrition without weighing you down, no one wants to feel like a beached whale at a beach picnic! This salsa can be served over lettuce, quinoa, or a topping for tacos.… Continue reading The Perfect Picnic Staple – Corn & Black Bean Salsa


An Emerging Voice in Film and the Environment: A Special Interview with the Winner of The Nature Conservancy Eco-Comedy Film Competition, Patrick Webster.

The Ecotone Exchange

Immersed in the wonder of the kelp forest. Photo courtesy of Patrick Webster. Immersed in the wonder of the kelp forest. Photo courtesy of Patrick Webster.

by Shauna Potocky

One cannot doubt the power of film, social media and the internet to connect people to stories, issues and challenges—whether on a local or global level. These same venues for communication also hold the power to share important positive stories, to educate, inform, empower and create space for important self-reflection.

One example of powerful storytelling emerged recently through The Nature Conservancy Eco-Comedy Film Competition. The competition was hosted in collaboration with the American University’s Center for Environmental Filmmaking and gave participants a venue to connect audiences to environmental issues through the power of humor and storytelling. What emerged was a highly engaged audience who rampantly shared the videos, providing a wide reach for the issues and giving emerging voices a platform for sharing and educating in a truly unique and engaging way.

The People’s…

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How Low Can You Go: Tips on Lowering Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

AWESOME tips on how to keep your home Eco-friendly and fabulous!

Green Living Guy

The effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions starts at home. Carbon dioxide accounts for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions, and electricity makes up the largest portion of CO2 emissions. This means that in order to lower your carbon footprint, you must look to the electricity-hungry appliances in your home with a critical eye. In other words, you must go towards energy efficiency in a big way.

While I talk about this in the Green Guru Guides book Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits by David Findley. As stated before, there are over 140 different ways you can decide to make your house energy efficient. As suggested in the book and Parts Select did in this infographic here are some other options.

As Parts Select, some of the worst electricity-sucking appliances are a desktop computer and the infamous clothes dryer.

Therefore, in order to cut down on energy, consider drying…

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Guard Dogs Saving Cheetahs


The world has lost 90% of cheetahs in the past 100 years. Human wildlife conflict is the greatest threat to cheetahs. Their future is in the hands of the rural farming communities with which they share the land. Only by supporting these communities to improve methods of livestock protection, reduce retaliatory killings and improve tolerance, can we ensure a brighter future for the world’s fastest cat.

Livestock guarding dogs are an effective solution proven to work for Botswana farmers. Your support will make it possible for us to increase the number of guard dogs protecting cheetah (and livestock) in the Kalahari of Botswana. Please click the link below to expand this highly successful program in 2015 and help many more farmers and cheetahs!

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Paying it forward with pizza.

Ok, so I usually write about conservation and animals and I ignore the humans. Because let's be honest, we talk about humans all the time. However, when a human does something really freaking awesome, I cannot ignore it. I was on a weekend trip to Philadelphia with some friends and we heard about this pizza… Continue reading Paying it forward with pizza.