How to Change Your Curly Hair Routine for Summer

I’ll never forget how my curl Yoda (my stylist – Jennifer Hoffner) explained frizz to me. She told me that you can think about frizz as each individual hair strand reaching out to the air to search for moisture. It’s diverting from the rest of your hair for moisture because it doesn’t have it with your hair products. While it seems counterintuitive when you think about it, it makes sense; the more you focus on moisture in your hair, the less frizzy it will be.

Since my hair is wavy/curly I have to change my product lineup depending on the season. Using heavier products to combat frizz in the summer will weigh down my curls too much in the winter. Yet my winter products don’t give me quite enough moisture and control in the humid Texas summer. See below how much hair routine totally changes when sunny summer days roll around:


First and foremost it starts in the shower! I switch from the Low-Poo Delight DevaCurl line to the No-Poo Original DevaCurl line for the summer. The Low-Poo line is designed to give more volume to wavy hair and not weigh it down too much which is perfect for the winter! However when summer comes around I tend to head back to the No-Poo & One Condition Original which offers more moisture, since the humidity usually takes care of my volume for me!

As always with hair cleanser and conditioner, you ONLY shampoo your scalp and condition the middle to ends of your hair.


As for styling, my hair routine for this summer is dramatically different than it was last summer now that I’ve been on the curly girl method for over a year. For style and bounce I switched from the Wave Maker to the Coconut Super Cream! And for hold I’ve switched from the Light Defining Gel to the Ultra Defining Gel. Both of these products are more intense as far as moisture and hold to give your hair all the moisture and control it needs for humid summer days.

Also during the summer I like to let my hair complete air dry and put products in when it’s soaking wet. During the winter months, this weighs down my hair way too much, but for the summer it seems to work great. I’ll use 3 pumps of the Coconut Super Cream (I have a lot of hair), and about a quarter sized amount of Ultra Defining Gel and rake it through my hair while it’s soaking wet. If the wetness is bothering me, I’ll use a t-shirt to scrunch some water out of the hair BUT only after products are in.

As far as treatments and other products I like using see the list below:

Other tips and tricks for frizz-free curls:

  • Only use a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel to squeeze water out of your hair
  • I live by plopping, don’t know what that is? Check you this video on my Youtube channel: Hair Plopping
  • Try not to touch your hair while it’s drying as much as possible
  • Don’t forget being out in the sun for extended periods of time dries out your hair as much as it does your skin, so after a long day of adventures a hair mask may be in order
  • A little water and aloe vera gel mixed in a spray bottle can do WONDERS for refreshing your curls for 2nd and 3rd day curls



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  1. Great tips! I really love how moisturizing Aloe Vera Gel is, I usually mix it up with water and coconut oil because my hair is very thick. I just wrote how to keep your curly hair moisturized on my blog, check it out and let me know what you think

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