5 Natural Ways to Get Glowing, Clear Skin


Sadly, I never took an interest in skincare until the last couple of years. I was that girl in high school who would sleep with her makeup on every single night, not wash her face, and moisturize with cetaphil… all of which makes me cringe now. There are a ton of factors that go into having healthy, clear, and glowing skin. As I’ve learned more about skincare, I am SO CAREFUL about what I use on my skin (which is your largest organ btw). But also so much of your skin health starts on the inside as well as what you put on the outside, so here are my 5 natural ways to have clear and glowing skin in no time!

Use a serum

I’m officially being bitten in the tush for overly expressive eye brows in the form of these really fine lines on my forehead. Yes, I officially have wrinkles… I’m not happy about it either. BUT I’ve discovered that using serum definitely helps! I’m currently using two different serums:

Maelove The Glow Maker Antioxident Serum


This serum has vitamins C & E, as well as feurlic and hyaluronic acid! All of that means moisture and antioxidants, which is crucial in keeping (more) fine lines and wrinkles at bay! I’ve been working this into my morning and night routine before I moisturize. And I also let it completely soak in and do its job before I use moisturizer! The other amazing part is that it’s certified cruelty-free and vegan, OH and it’s only $28! Click here to check it out.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Booster Organic Serum


I got this serum from Juice a couple of months ago and FELL IN LOVE. There’s been times where I’ve used this in place of a moisturizer, and it also works as a great makeup primer. It leaves your skin feeling so moisturized and silky. And I’ve definitely seen a reduction in the appearance of the wrinkles on my forehead. Click here to see what it’s all about!

Eat clean, or limit sugar and eliminate dairy

Being plant-based doesn’t always equate to eating healthy, I mean Oreos are vegan for goodness sake. But I notice a massive difference in the integrity of my skin when I’m eating lots of good stuff and not a lot of bad stuff. It’s really mostly processed sugar that gives me issues with my skin. The other thing that instantly will give me skin issues is dairy. I stay away about 99% of the time, but ya know I’ve also got to live my life a little bit. But every single time I consume dairy, it’s a next day breakout, hands down. And a pretty bad stomach ache, it’s always the dang cheese that pulls me in.

It’s because dairy has natural growth hormones that are great for making baby cows grow up big and strong. But not so great for humans… All of the natural growth hormones in cow’s milk (that are supposed to be there, ya know, for the baby cows), cause tons of inflammation in the body. Most people who quit dairy notice a huge difference in their skin almost immediately.

Drink water

We all know this is true, but for some reason putting away adequate water every day always seems so difficult. But I know I’ve been in a position where after a day of drinking enough water, I feel and look SO MUCH BETTER! This could be why…

That may be because water plumps up the skin, causing wrinkles and pores to, more or less, get filled in. What’s more, a variety of structures in the skin that support collagen require water to work effectively, says Julius Few, M.D., director of The Few Institute and clinical professor of plastic surgery at the University of Chicago. Bonus: When skin is hydrated, plump, and elastic, it’s less likely to crack and let in external particles that can cause irritations and blemishes.

Never sleep with makeup on

This story will be a little gross so I apologize in advance, BUT I went to the eye doctor when I was a freshman in college (almost 6 years ago, eek!). Everything about the exam seemed normal until I told her that I suffered from chronically dry eyes, so naturally she stuck a microscope right next to my eyeball and proceeded to tell me that my eyelash follicles were clogged… with black stuff. Then she asked if I slept with my makeup on… naturally I said yes. And then she proceeded to tell me to sit VERY still while she scraped the gunk off of my lash line, so gross. The mascara on my eyelashes had been flaking off and clogging my eyelash follicles and tear ducts FOR YEARS. Needless to say, I never slept with makeup on ever again. It dries out and ages your skin, or severely dries out your eyeballs.

Opt for the more expensive stuff

I am generally a pretty cheap person to be honest, but skincare is something I don’t skimp on. 100% transparency, I get some free stuff from companies but my very first Juice Beauty products, I bought myself. I dropped $175 on a full line and I’ve never ever regretted it. Your skin is the only organ that you can visually see the status of it’s health every single day, so putting the best quality and cleanest ingredients on it is so so important. Opting for skincare that’s a little more expensive is hard to do BUT it’s definitely worth it.

At the end of the day, taking a holistic approach to skincare is your best bet on having naturally glowing skin that you can feel confident about. When I follow all of these methods, I don’t even wear foundation because I don’t have to! See a full list of products I fully endorse below:

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