4 Free Apps to Improve Your Health in 2018

I’ve never felt more like a millennial than I do right now writing this post. I guess I never realized how much I rely on these apps to help keep me on track throughout the day, week, or month. The overall theme of my 2018 is to start living more intentionally which means staying committed to consistently being aware of my health in all aspects. Some of these apps I’ve been using for a while, and some are newer to me. BUT without further delay – here are 4 apps that will help improve your health in 2018!

And yes I know January is almost over but we get a whole grace month to change, right? January is basically a mulligan month…




I’ve never been a huge fan of calorie trackers, but since switching over to being plant-based, I really needed something to track not necessarily my calories, but my nutrition. I needed to know how much of what I ate were fats, proteins, and carbs. I aim for 1,700 calories with a 75/10/15 split of macros. That means 75% of my calories are carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables, and grains), 10% is from fats, and 15% is from proteins. This is SO NECESSARY when transitioning to being plant-based or just really for everyone in general. This app also links up to your Apple Health app if you have an iPhone which tracks literally every step you take (with your phone in hand). Which means for cardio there’s no more guess about how many calories you’ve burned.

The big advantage is has over MyFitnessPal (the other super popular fitness app), is that entering workouts is wayyy easier. It’s also so much easier to customize everything over MyFitnessPal. I don’t necessarily thing every person is the same in terms of losing weight or nutrition requirements because everyone’s body and lifestyle is different. So apps that fit every person into a formula isn’t necessarily accurate. I physically cannot eat 2,000 calories of food every single day with my activity level and nutrition requirements. MyPlate is super easy to use, and so convenient! I’ve lost 5 pounds in the last month of using this awesome app!



I’ve been using Clue for a couple of years now and it’s by far the best period tracker on the app market. But it can do SO MUCH MORE then track your cycle. Basically you input when you start your period every month and then it predicts your next period, super accurately by the way, but then also predicts your fertility (not implying this should be exclusively as a method for birth control). You can also put tons of data into it about period symptoms like sleep, mood, pain, etc. The coolest feature as of late with this app is the ability to invite someone to view your cycle. This means your significant other can appropriately know when to bring you ice cream and a heating pad :).

In all seriousness, this app is what really helped me realize my struggle with PMDD and take steps to actively work on it. I start inputting all my weird symptoms: extreme mood swings, bloating, sleepiness, etc. and then I started seeing the patterns. I would have only one week without any symptoms and then everything went downhill in a very predictable, traceable pattern. Ladies, paying attention to your menstrual health is SO IMPORTANT.

Rain Rain


I haven’t had a TV in my room since before high school. I just felt like it was seriously disrupting my sleep patterns. Yet I still felt the need for some kind of noise to settle me down at night so that I can go to sleep. I started using this app in college (which was more years ago then I’d like to admit) and the app has continued to get better and better. You can now mix nature sounds and put them to timers. My favorite combination is Thunder Cracks and Crackling Fire, and I hardly have to have it on for more than 30 minutes to fall fast asleep.

Down Dog


This is my go-to yoga app for at-home flows! This app is very diverse for being a free yoga app for duration, type of flow, etc. The flows are fairly traditional vinyasa flows, which I love and provide a really great workout or a general stretch. There are options for in-app purchases, but after using the app for about a year, I haven’t found a need for that yet. Namaste!


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  1. Awesome suggestions. Does my plate breakdown the carbs further? I’d love to splits grains from fruits and veggies. I will definitely be checking out Clue since I struggle also and things have been out of whack lately. Thanks!

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