A Better Period: DivaCup Review


We all know that using a wrapped single-use item that’s thrown in the garbage is bad for the planet. We’ve gotten used to not using plastic or paper cups, and even getting drinks without straws. But no one talks about the one thing that half of the human population uses every month for most of her life, tampons and pads.

A single-use item, wrapped in plastic that goes right into the trash. But in modern society we need a method of controlling our periods without inhibiting our daily life. A woman has about 500 menstrual cycles in her lifetime and spends an average of $150 per year on feminine hygiene products, and a DivaCup is around $40 for a whole year…

Since women have a period for 40 years on average, here’s the rough breakdown:

$150/year for 40 years – $6,000

$40/year for 40 years – $1,600

= Lifetime savings of over $4,400

*not including ruined underwear, clothing, sheets, etc.

On average a woman uses 11,000 tampons over her lifetime.

That plastic will take centuries over her lifetime to degrade.

Let’s put it this way – every piece of plastic ever made is still sitting in landfills and has not degraded yet.

Since tampons are made out of cotton and wood pulp, they’ve been exposed to pesticides and chemicals as part of the growing, harvesting, and distributing process.

Chemicals like dioxins, pesticides, chlorine bleach, adhesive chemicals, and fragrance chemicals. These chemicals risk things like hormone disruption, cancer, and reproductive harm.

Vaginal tissue is more permeable, therefore better able to absorb things that circulate through the rest of your body, like the chemicals listed above…

Luckily for all of us, in this day and age, there is a better option. I tried the DivaCup for the first time and fell in love for these reasons:

  • It’s easy, I never had to remember to shove tampons in my bag on my way out the door
  • It’s a once per year cost
  • It’s way more eco-friendly
  • It’s surprisingly comfortable
  • The cup is made of medical grade silicone so it’s super safe

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. I defiantly had a learning curve with the DivaCup since I’d never used anything like it before, but once I got the hang of it, it was a cakewalk. There will be a DivaCup giveaway happening from 12/8/17 to 12/15/17, there are two ways to enter to win a free DivaCup!

  1. Fill out the Google form below and tell me your craziest period story! Please note that for the purposes of the giveaway you must tell me your name, and enter your e-mail address BUT when these stories are posted, they will al be anonymous!
  2. No crazy period story? No problem, hop on over to my Instagram and either leave a comment or tag a friend on the giveaway post to be entered!

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