Vegan and Cruelty-Free Curly Hair Routine

Oh curly hair, so pretty when executed properly but oh so annoying to maintain. Luckily for me, I use two amazing brands of products to ensure my curly locks get everything they need! I’ve been using DevaCurl for a while now and still throughly believe in their brand and the products. All of their products below are certified cruelty-free, and vegan. They’re also noted for being silicone, sulfate, and paraben free (find out why that’s important here).


The other brand I’ve integrated is Bright Body hair care for curly hair. The woman who started the company was on a mission to reduce exposure to toxins after dealing with multiple chronic illnesses. The products are made in small batches with mostly organic ingredients that hold the safest rating by Environmental Working Group, which researches toxicology. These products smell freaking amazing too, by the way. (PSA – discount code at the bottom for Bright Body!)


Since I haven’t had a hair cut in about 8 months, I’ve had to start really embracing the curly mane that is my crowning glory. I love to have variety in hair products because each product offers a different benefit depending on the weather. And since fall is upon us and the humidity has drastically decreased, this is my most recent fall curly hair routine:


I rarely comb through my hair when it’s dry, and not even when I’m washing. Remember, you’re only scrubbing the scalp, not the actual hair itself. I use about a quarter size amount, you don’t need a lot! I only wash my hair every 3-4 days and I’ve been alternating between these two products:

IMG_5780DevaCurl No-Poo – This has been a favorite of mine for a long time, it doesn’t lather because it is sulfate, paraben, and silicone free but it leaves your scalp feeling very light and clean. $22/12 oz. bottle

Bright Body Oat & Aloe Curly Hair Cleanser – I love this stuff, it doesn’t give you an instant gratification of that “clean” feeling unless you use the Lemon Curly Hair Rinse (see below) with it. However, when you use both it leaves you with seriously soft curls. $25/8 oz. bottle


Once I apply conditioner, I used a wide tooth comb to de-tangle my hair doing it very gently!

DevaCurl One Condition – This stuff is no joke, I can’t use too much or my hair is wayyyy too heavy for my natural wave to come out. I only use maybe a quarter sized amount for the large amount of hair that I have. I still absolutely love it, just in small quantities. $22/12 oz. bottle

Bright Body Nourishing Curl Conditioner –  I love this conditioner. My hair feels smooth afterwards without feeling coated, if that makes sense, and it doesn’t weigh it down. However, it doesn’t really give me the satisfaction of a deep condition (but that’s where the hair masks below come in handy). $29/8 oz. bottle

Post-Wash Herbal Lemon Rinse – This is THE KEY to using Bright Body products. It’s truly a system that requires all 3 parts. This step should be done after conditioning. You take a palmful and rub it into your scalp to breakup any buildup, then use a wide tooth comb to comb it through to the ends of the hair. After letting it sit for 2-5 minutes, rinse it out and your hair feels SO SOFT. $19/bottle



Frizz – Free Volumizing Foam – Love, love, love this stuff for my hair. Since my hair is more wavy than curly, this foam keep my curls lightweight. I use about 4 pumps and use “prayer hands” before scrunching it into my hair. $26/bottle

Flaxseed & Oat Protein Curly Hair Gel –  This has replaced my gel that I used to use from DevaCurl that was way too firm of a hold for my hair and made it crunchy. Ewh, there’s nothing worse than crunchy curls. This gel helps with definition without being too heavy. $22/bottle


These are very optional but I find they do help when I’ve been abusing my curls. I use them maybe every other week or even as infrequently as once a month.

Deep Sea Repair Mask – this DevaCurl hair mask is for strengthening your curls and bringing them back to being bouncy and defined. I usually use this one after I’ve been heating styling my hair with a curly iron, straightener, etc. $36/8 oz. bottle

Melt Into Moisture Mask – Another great mask but I only do this one maybe once a month because it’s SO moisturizing that it a major weigh down on my waves. I usually plan on my hair looking fairly limp until the next wash (3-4 days), but after that it looks great! $64/17.75 oz. bottle

If you shop the Bright Body collection of products, use the code “ECOFABULOUS17” for 15% off of your entire purchase, no minimum order required.


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