Sustainable Self-Care Sunday Essentials

You can always make time for yourself, and for the record, it’s always worth it. I take at least an hour every Sunday for self-care – mental, physical, and emotional. I take my time, do at least a 20 minute yoga flow, resolve not to wear any makeup, take an epsom salt bath to draw out toxins, and then pamper myself with these products:


DevaCurl Deep Sea Repair Mask 

This mask is so great for when you curls are tired and sad. We all know when that happens, your hair looks so great for a week straight and then all of a sudden it looks like an overstretched slinky. This mask is sulfate, paraben, and silicone free as well as cruelty-free. It gives your curls bounce again, without weighing it down. Find it here!

Bright Body Post-Wash Herbal Lemon Rinse

I don’t just use this on Sundays, I use it about every other wash. BUT it’s a great product for Sundays because it sets your hair in a good place for the rest of the week! This rinse breaks up build-up and closes the hair cuticle to prevent frizziness. So using this rinse after the mask is a match made in heaven!! Click here to find it, and don’t forget to use the code “ecofabulous17” for 15% off!

Juice Beauty Exfoliating Peel Spray

This spray gives you all the satisfaction of those peel off masks without the pain. I was super skeptical at first about this when I got it but once I used it was totally sold! You spray it on your face, wait 2 minutes, and then use a washcloth to gently scrub off the product in little circles. And OMG you can feel your skin breathe again, it’s totally nuts. The amount of dead skin on the washcloth might freak you out, but it’s SO worth it. You can check it out here, and you can also use the code “ecofab20” for 20% off!

Green Root Eco-Coal Teeth Whitener 

In conjunction with the bamboo toothbrush (bye-bye plastic), this teeth whitener works better than any nasty tasting chemical stuff I’ve ever put into my mouth. Also it doesn’t leave you with any tooth sensitivity. It’s a little messy, because duh its charcoal but way better for your body than any other chemical based product. Find the toothbrush here, and the teeth whitener here.

Better Shea Butter

This is probably my favorite part because I take a chunk of this, melt it in the microwave and massage it into my skin right after I get out of my epsom salt bath. It’s smells yummy, and its all unrefined, vegan, and no animal testing. However it is fairly intense so you don’t need a lot and make sure you either hand in the nude for a while or put on clothes you don’t care about. It is an oil once warm and will ruin clothing. Buy this amazing product here!


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