A Sustainability Review of Magnolia Market

I am guilty of being a typical American woman and being obsessed with the show Fixer Upper. I get my coffee on Sundays and sit down and flip between the Food Network and HGTV and I’ve never felt more domesticated in my life. I guess I’d be more domesticated if I actually did the projects or the recipes from these shows but ya know… that’s a lot of work.


There’s an inherent mood of sustainability with Fixer Upper in the fact that they’re upcycling homes instead of just building new ones. I’m not sure how sustainable their processes or materials are but I love that they focus on antiques and recycling things. Here’s my review of Magnolia Market, the good and the room for improvement (because let’s be honest Joanna Gaines can do no wrong in my eyes).

The Good

Everything is beautiful

Duh, it was done by the best interior designer in the South. However, I give them major props because the Silos are located in kind of the middle of all these Waco streets and they don’t stick out at all. They are all part of the immediate scenery, like they were always there. Most of the decor you can buy in there are not true antiques, but replicas of the aesthetic. While the replicas aren’t sustainable in and of themselves, they are encouraging the recycle and upcycle decor aesthetic which is great!

They encourage gardening

There is a whole section dedicated to vegetable gardening which is SUPER SUSTAINABLE.  They are growing things like peas, and kale, and other local varieties of vegetables that grow well in Texas (not all necessarily all native). Gardening and growing your own food not only enriches the soil (which reduces erosion), but you will be eating fresher (AKA healthier) and less pesticide-laden veggies. magnolia-market-garden

There’s vegan options

In a state that’s known for meat and dairy, I was happily surprised by the healthy options at Magnolia. I got a black bean quinoa salad on kale and romaine as well as a cold-pressed juice with grapefruit, ginger, orange, and something else. It was delicious! I was so pleased to see a wide variety of food options. If you find yourself in Waco, check out Luna Juice Bar, everything was so fresh and amazing!


It’s dog-friendly

Here’s the deal, anywhere I can take Cooper is a good place in my book. The only place that dogs cannot go is on the green turf that kids play on and the bakery for obvious health reasons on both accords. But everywhere else (including inside Magnolia Market) is fair game. All dogs must be leashed, because duh that’s dog owner manners. A ton of people had their dogs and (for the most part), they were all very well behaved. They even had a giant water bowl for the doggo’s!


Things are fairly priced

All the antique replica’s are very fairly priced. I fell in love with a beautiful hanging planter that was only $24. I was very impressed that they aren’t charging a premium for their products just because of their fame and notoriety. Food was also very fairly priced, not like going to any other attraction. My food (pictured above) was only $10, which is what I’d pay for that amount and what it was just about anywhere.

There’s no entry fee

I’m not sure why this impressed me so much. They are really treating Magnolia’s like a business and not an attraction or destination. There is no charge for entrance, which makes it very accessible for families, and they allow outside food and drink. This could easily be a free day of activity for a family with kids and a dog. There are plenty of picnic tables to eat at, and the authenticity of how this place works amazed me. They didn’t create this place to turn a profit (even though they’re making a killing), they really created it as a community space for the city of Waco. Also, every employee I encountered was beyond kind and accommodating.


The Room for Improvement

There’s no where to recycle

Maybe I’ve gotten too used to living in Austin where you can choose recycle, trash, or even sometimes compost literally everywhere. Since my lunch came in all plastic (boo), I really wanted to recycle it but sadly didn’t have that option. I also think there’s a huge missed opportunity to educate people about composting for their gardens in the garden area.

The actual market was very crowded

If I wouldn’t have had Cooper with me this wouldn’t have been an issue at all. And honestly I really don’t know if this was a major issue as much as a minor annoyance for my insistence of working my dog mom skills. Cooper actually did fine until another dog went after him (boo on the owners part). Also keep in mind that Cooper is 75 pounds of muscle so maneuvering him through anything except an open field is sometimes difficult. However, almost every person I encountered was more than kind and accommodating to move for a second out of the way while we passed by.

All in all, it was a fantastic day and experience, and if you find yourself in Texas it is most definitely worth a few hours of your time. Consider Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas Eco-Fab and Cooper approved (except the recycling, do better Magnolia’s).

And for your viewing pleasure…

Cooper James Wiland 🙂





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