3 Easy Zero-Waste Hacks to Try This Weekend

My schedule is way too busy and my attention span way too short to have to think about being sustainable at every moment of every day. I’ve discovered about myself that the easier I make things for myself, the more apt I am to actually do the right thing.

For example, I will usually eat whatever you put in front of me whether its a healthy salad, or a large pizza… But if I have cut up lettuce and all I have to do is put it in a bowl with some dressing, boom! I’ll eat the salad.

Basically I anticipate my own laziness and beat it!! So try hacking your life with these sustainable alternatives!

Hack Your Smoothie

If produce is on sale (especially organic), and you are a smoothie person, then buy in bulk. You can blend up whatever you won’t use and put them in ice cube trays. Currently in my freezer, I have two ice cube trays full of a kale/romaine mix, and then two more trays with blended up strawberries.

This will make your morning smoothie routine faster, save money, and reduce food waste (since you won’t be throwing it away once you can’t eat it all)!


Hack Your Sipping Situation

STOP SUCKING! Yeah that’s right, stop using plastic straws. The Lonely Whale Foundation has started the #stopsucking campaign to urge businesses and consumers to stop using plastic straws to protect the ocean. Learn more about that movement here.

In the meantime, spend $10 and go get yourself some stainless steel straws from Amazon here. You can throw them in the dishwasher, use them a million times, and most importantly, you can stop sucking.


Hack Your Produce Shopping


Have you ever thought about how unnecessary plastic produce bags are? Why does the produce need to be protected? Are there some serious ninja fights between the tomatoes and the apples going down in the cart? If something is going to puncture your produce, that thin little plastic bag is not going to help at all… but in the interest of appeasing the illogical, here is a zero waste, no plastic alternative to those little bags. For $14 you can use these eco-friendly mesh bags to protect your produce from those savage show downs.


When you making living sustainability a mainstream part of your day, it’s a much more attainable way to live, so hack yourself today and be green!



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