Sustainable Early Fall Fashion Round-Up

My first fall in Texas has been nothing less then not fall at all…But always being up for a challenge I’ve tried to find good transition outfits that can handle the 75 degree days and the 60 degree mornings and nights. All outfits are from thrift stores, and all jewelry is from Raven + Lily, a fair trade clothing and jewelry company based in Austin, Texas.

Choose large woven patterns or sheer backs

You need airflow with this Texas “fall”


This sweater came from the Clothes Mentor at Gateway in Austin, which is GREAT by the way! The large woven knit pattern allows or more air flow in combination with the sheer back which makes it a perfect transition piece! The pants and shoes are also from Clothes Mentor Gateway and the jewelry is the Shade Layering Necklaces from the ethical and sustainable fashion brand called Raven + Lily.

Also, Blue Dahlia Bistro (where we did this portion of the shoot) was so cute and quaint we ended up staying for breakfast! Not only did they offer me the option of almond milk for my coffee right off the bat (which is rare), but all the food was fresh and delicious! They also have many sustainable systems in place to make their restaurant practices more eco-friendly which I had the please of talking with the owners about. The back patio is TO DIE FOR, I can’t wait to go back there for lunch and enjoy the beauty of that space.

Layer, layer, layer

This was a trick I learned in Ohio, to layer smartly (definitely not a word).

Make sure you have layers to peel off with the changing temperature. The denim dress is BEAUTIFULLY embroidered, and then tied flannel offers a more flattering shape in addition to a layering option if it gets chilly. The necklace, which is hard to see, is the Anya Open Diamond Short necklace (can be found in-store) which I am OBSESSED with.


I wear jeggings and I will 100% admit it because they’re comfy AF. This t-shirt from Clothes Mentor Gateway is a really heavy cotton, almost sweatshirt material. The pairing flannel is very light and can be worn like this or tied around the waist. My favorite part of this outfit are the boots! I am such a fan of a good combat boot (also bought at Clothes Mentor Gateway), I’m not the most feminine and frilly female in the world so a good edgy boot is always a winner in my book. This necklace is unfortunately sold out (because I bought the last one, oops) BUT its part of Raven + Lily’s Mahali jewelry collection which they still have pieces from.

This food truck/trailer is called Paper Boy and they sold the vintage tall bottles of Coke which I was clearly excited about! The decor and atmosphere is absolutely perfect for a casual and well-priced breakfast before a day of adventures. They have the most beautiful succulents and minimalist decor that offers a calm and relaxing experience.


Choose heavier fabric dresses

I am OBSESSED with this sweatshirt dress!

Here I’ve dressed it up with booties and a statement necklace, the Bijoux Khan Necklace from Raven + Lily’s new fall/winter collection (can be found in-store). But the other way I’ve worn this $15 thrift store find is with cute sneakers, a simple scarf and a baseball hat. It gave me the chance to try athleisure chic which I am really into. It’s easy and cute, just need to refine my skills more.


Embroidery is always in

Truth is, there is not a lot about fashion that impresses me.

I don’t care for ruffles, frills, feathers, or anything else – except embroidery. I will look at the embroidered garment and just be amazed by it because of the technicality that goes into it. If I’m going to wear something that’s floral, there’s a 99% chance it’s embroidered. This dress purchased at My Sister’s Closet in Phoenix, Arizona is a perfect and easy date night dress with either heels or sandals AND you can totally go braless in this one. Also these earring are the most perfect silver beaded hoop, they are Raven + Lily’s Soresa Silver Hoop (can be found in-store).

Hillside Farmacy was the location for this outfit and despite the generally bleek service, the food and drinks were very good! The gold drink is their kombucha on tap, and they also have an amazing brunch and lunch menu! The decor is absolutely beautiful and their outdoor space is very well styled and chic. They are also very focused on locally sourced their ingredients which is a winner in my book!


Even though this Texas “fall” isn’t what I’m used to, it’s providing a fun challenge for me to dress for. Before we all know it, the holidays will be upon us and then it will definitely be chilly! Happy styling, eco-fabbers!

Check out all the places involved in this shoot! 


Raven + Lily


Clothes Mentor Gateway – Austin, Texas

My Sister’s Closet – Phoenix, Arizona


Paper Boy

Blue Dahlia Bistro

Hillside Farmacy  



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  1. Love it! I just found clothes mentor the other day and I totally want to check it out soon! I need to stock up on a few fall essentials!

    Loved all the outfits and tips 🙂

    1. brookewiland says:

      The one is Gateway is SO GOOD, and the people who work there are so so awesome! Highly recommend 🙂

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