Austin Pets Alive! Thrift Store Review

Rescue and foster dogs happen to be a passion of mine. Between my love for my own rescue dog (if you’re in the mood to almost cry read An Open Letter From a No-Shame Dog Mom) but I also volunteer with Austin Pets Alive! This shelter is a special one because it’s mission is to make Austin a “no-kill” city. They specialize in dogs that have specific circumstances or situations medically, behaviorally, or otherwise. The people of APA! do absolutely everything in their power to make a dog fit to be in the community as a companion animal, like these beauties:

And those are just a FEW of the beautiful souls that I have the privilege of photographing at APA! They’re open 11:30am – 7pm everyday if you’d like to go meet any of their pups!

In addition to supporting a “no-kill” culture, APA! also has a thrift store whose proceeds go to helping the dogs! They’re always taking donations and the items that they sell are in great condition, designer, and fairly priced. I know this because I volunteer at the thrift store and personally rifle through donations. They also take and sell home decor items!

Here’s just a small sampling of some of the things that APA Thrift has to offer (click on each photo to enlarge):

Next time you head out in Austin and are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces check out the APA Thrift store to help the no kill revolution in Austin!


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