What I Learned When I Went Braless

Disclaimer: This post is going to be disgustingly honest, ya’ll know I don’t beat around the bush so be forewarned.

I’m a generally confident person…except when it comes to my chest. My boobs are currently a 32C at Victoria’s Secret, which means they’re probably more like a 32B (I worked at Vicky’s when I was in college so I know they don’t generally run a true size). But I definitely carry my weight in my boobs, so when my weight fluctuates, so does my bra size. Which is annoying because in the last 5 years I’ve been 90 pounds (32A), 135 pounds (34D), 120 pounds without exercise (34C), and now a healthy 115 (32C).

Do you see the struggle here?!

So my inspiration to go braless came from a couple of things I’ve observed/learned while living in Texas:

  • Tons of girls my age go braless
  • It’s hot as hell here and bras are actually suffocating
  • There’s certainly a sense of appropriateness about it

I looked at my very bohemian, flowy styled closet and started thinking about all of the outfits I didn’t actually have to wear a bra with. I don’t wear very form fitting things to begin with so I thought, why not? Please keep in mind too, my mother struggled to keep clothing on me when I was a kid, I’ve always been an uhm…free spirit.

Here’s what I learned from going braless:

My neck feels SO MUCH BETTER

Since I work on the computer a lot, my neck and shoulders get very sensitive. I’ve noticed such a big difference not having all the tension on my shoulders all the time. My boobs aren’t huge but they’re definitely big enough that when you strap something to them, I feel it big time.

No one actually cares

No one give AF if you’re wearing a bra or not. I’ve not had one person treat me any differently or be really awkward. Since we live in a hyperly sexualized society anyway, I opt not to wear tight-fitting clothes braless because mentally I’m just not quite there yet. BUT, I know people who are and no one cares. I’ve not felt weird vibes even once.

People rise to your expectations – good or bad

I was most nervous about men, for example I went to grab drinks with a guy friend after working all day (braless), and thought to myself “I should put a bra on”… then I thought “Wait, why? We are just friends”. I always say that people will rise to your expectations, good or bad. So if I expect a guy to only stare at my boobs just because there isn’t a bra holding them in place, then that’s probably what he’s going to do because I’ve now automatically put more importance on my boobs than literally any other characteristic about me. However, if I expect him to maintain eye contact and engage in intelligent conversation, most men will rise to the occasion and treat you like more than a pair of free-range tits (bad phrase, but it’s funny so I’m gonna leave it 🙂 ).

There ARE situations where it’s inappropriate

As a millennial, I try to balance my generations bad rap with trying to make small social changes. That means respect Baby Boomer’s and Gen Y’s general aversion with the #freethenipple movement. Do I want to walk into a corporate meeting with middle aged people all free willy? NO! This is (to me) a situation where it’s inappropriate. But (again, to me) this is about the only time I wouldn’t go braless (unless I’m wearing tight clothes).

If your thinking about going braless, my biggest advice is to do what you feel comfortable with and own it.



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