DIY Rain Barrel Tutorial


If you don’t want to read this whole tutorial, there’s a video for your viewing pleasure at the end of this post BUT for a more detailed explanation, read on.

Have you ever noticed that you garden looks best after a good, long rain? That’s because it’s highly oxygenated and free of all of the chemical compounds of tap water. The benefits of a rain barrel are numerous including:

  • conserving water
  • reducing your water bill
  • less chemicals in your garden

You can buy rain barrels starting at $100 at Home Depot or Lowe’s or even on Amazon. OR you could buy all the stuff for around $40 and make one yourself. This is way easier for me because my grandfather has every tool known to man, but if you had to buy tools this venture would be much more expensive.

Here’s what you need (click on each individual item for links):

Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel Stand

  • Spare wood
  • Nails

How to make the Rain Barrel:

  1. Cut hole near the bottom of the garbage can, I bought a BRUTE brand can and so I cut the hole right in the middle of the “E”, about 2 inches from the bottom
  2. Insert the bung into the hole and screw on the back on the inside of the can
  3. Screw the spicket into the bung
  4. Fill the can about 1/3 of the way with water to test for leaks
  5. With the same drill that you cut the hole at the bottom, but a few holes in the top. If you are able to place it under a gutter you only need 4-5 holes, however I did many more because I don’t have a gutter to put it under
  6. Cut the mosquito net to fit around the whole top of your barrel and put the lid on
  7. Rain Barrel complete!

Now if you have something elevated to put your rain barrel on, then you’re done! If not you can make a quick stand out of spare wood.

  1. Cut your wood into 4 10-inch posts and 6 20-inch planks
  2. Nail down your planks and the top will form an “H”

And you’re ready to start conserving water and collecting rain!


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