5 Sustainable Brands End of Season Sales to Shop Now!

As the Nordstrom anniversary sale approaches, I can’t help but think, what about sustainable fashion? While Nordstrom is a great option for people who appreciate good customer service, I find it much too expensive for the product that it affords. For the ethical, sustainable, and eco-fabulous shopper, here is your guide to 5 sustainable end of season sales:

SATVA Living

SATVA is an organic clothing company that makes beautiful and sturdy athleisure clothing. I have a crop top in the exotic floral pattern and I LOVE it. It has inserts so no bra required, which is enough to convince me of just about anything. They’re currently having an AMAZING sale where there are plenty of sizes still available! Some of the items on sale are below, check out the sale here.


Raven + Lily

Raven + Lily is a woman-owned fashion brand out of Austin, Texas. R+L is committed to using eco-friendly materials as well as using ethical production practices from around the world. They are empowering women in the textile industry in countries such as Pakistan, Kenya, Ethiopia, India, Guatemala, and more. Their sale goes for the next 3 weeks so get it while you can! Click here to shop the sale online.

Green Apple Active

I’ve gotten some of my FAVORITE yoga clothes from Green Apple Active, they’re made of bamboo and they’re amazing. The clothes are super soft, moisture wicking, and cut very flattering to your backside. Green Apple only uses certified organic bamboo and is committed to operating in a sustainable, eco-friendly, and vegan manner. Click here to shop their sale!


Teeki is a line of athletic apparel, namely yoga, that is made in the USA along with being made out of plastic materials. In addition to using plastic to make their clothing, they also use recycled polyester as well as organic cotton. They also use a minimal impact printing process with non-toxic dyes. Click here to shop their sale!

Alternative Apparel

In addition to being committed in varying ways to eco-friendly fabrics, Alternative Apparel is also heavily committed to the ethical treatment of their factory workers all over the world. They simple and easy-to-wear styles are perfect for any casual outing. Click here to see their end of season sale!


Enjoy your sustainable fashion friends!


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  1. Love this post – thank you!! I’m still wondering about shoes … I have been looking for a pair of fashionable women’s shoes that are cute / stylish and comfortable … so far I’ve been missing the cute / stylish part of that combo. Any tips?

  2. Great post! Love a good workout outfit!


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