Mid-Summer Sustainable Style Round-up

GUYS! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a REALLY long time, and that’s to share my style with you! I’ve done it off and on, but I feel like fashion posts really require professional photography to feel really authentic. But here’s the catch:

Everything in these photos is from a thrift store and was $25 or under. That’s a form of sustainable fashion, and it is also totally kick-ass in my opinion. This summer my main theme’s are easy dresses, embroidery, jumpsuits, denim, and above all else – comfort! All of the photos can be viewed fully by clicking on them, and all photography was done by the gorgeous Emily at Emagery, go check her out!

Easy Dresses

I keep an arsenal of dresses on hand to throw on sandals with my hair in a bun or be able to dress up for work or a night out.

This very easy blue cotton dress was purchased from a thrift store in Arizona called My Sister’s Closet, and it’s my go-to when I’m there! This dress has a slight high-low feel and is super cute with sandals and a bun or wedges and an adorable necklace.




This lace magenta dress was purchased at a thrift store in Austin for $8, unfortunately I’m not remembering what it was called. I styled this more formally with a pair of serious kick-ass gold heels and a fun, colorful necklace. For the longest time I wouldn’t dare mix colors with accessories and clothing, but it can work and be very fun!



For some reason I’ve always been drawn to embroidery but it’s making a huge splash on summer style in 2017.

This beautiful embroidered skirt was bought again at the best thrift store in Arizona, My Sister’s Closet, and I’ve worn this skirt a million different ways. I’ve thrown on heels with it and a great necklace to wear to work, or styled it the way I have it here, very easy and casual.



Ok, so this dress was $20 at the Clothes Mentor Gateway in Austin, Texas and it’s (drumroll please) Lily Pulitzer, fully embroidered and beautiful in all it’s glory. Oh and it also has an adorable tie in the back.





To display my obsession with jumpsuits I’ll quote my good friend Viv, “You’ve worn that 3 out of the last 4 times I’ve seen you”…It was 100% true too. Jumpsuits are so easy because again you can dress them up or down and it’s only one piece to think about with accessories instead of having multiple pieces to try to fit together.

This jumpsuit is one of my go-tos to do basically everything. I’ve been on a date in it, gone to the garden center, attended Easter brunch, it’s good for literally everything. This was bought at Clothes Mentor Upper Arlington in Columbus, Ohio which is by far one of the best thrift stores in Columbus. Don’t forget to click on the photos to see the full outfit!




This wide legged jumpsuit was a beautiful find at the same thrift store the pink dress was from AKA I don’t remember where I got it…but it was only $15! Because I’m so short I have to wear heels with it but it would also be cute with a great pair of sandals!


Not gonna lie, I’m still trying to figure out denim in the summer without denim booty shorts that I have no business trying to shove my butt into. But when I saw this $25 shirt at Clothes Mentor Gateway, I had to have it. It’s so comfy and airy without being heavy at all.




All in all sustainable style is something that you’re going to have for a long time and not getting sucked into trends and “fast fashion”. Enjoy the rest of the summer beauties!


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