Turning Recyclables Into Wearables

It is nearly impossible to completely avoid the use of plastic in this day and age. Almost every product we buy is wrapped in plastic or uses plastic in some way, shape or form. The push to recycle plastic is a great first step in the fight of reducing waste in landfills, but the best second step is to close the loop and buy recycled.

Any time you can purchase materials with recycled plastic in them you’re keeping plastic out of our oceans and our landfills. The recycled plastic fabric industry has exploded over the last couple of years.

If you saw this post a couple of weeks ago, I talked about finding curtains with 27 recycled plastic bottles in each pane of them at Target, so cool! Target has also committed to start using recycled plastic bottle fabric for apparel on an increasing basis.

As far as more sought-after brands, the 2017 Spring/Summer Collection of Timberland’s is made from recycled plastic bottles! Since the chemical makeup of plastic is similar to polyester, when it is melted down it can be spun into fibers.

Recycling your plastic is great! But make sure you’re closing the loop by buying recycled plastic products! Tune into the blog tomorrow while we talk about Organic Cotton.


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