Why is Hemp Fabric Eco-Friendly?

Most notably when I tell people that my clothes are sustainable or eco-friendly their response is “So like hemp?”. I am unsure as to how this is always the connection BUT I’ll take it. This is a start to becoming more educated about alternative fabrics.

I never understood why people associated hemp with marijuana, until I started researching. Since they’re in the same family of plant and look similar, they’re often associated together. This further stigmatizes the “tree hugger”, “hippie”, and “pothead” connection. Quick PSA – just because I choose wear hemp doesn’t mean I smoke weed, enjoy music festivals, or refuse to wear a bra or shave my legs.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get to some fast facts about hemp:

  • Hemp requires much less water to grow
  • Hemp also requires no pesticides
  • Planting hemp as a rotator crop is very beneficial to soil quality
  • You cannot smoke hemp and get “high” due to the lack of THC found in recreationally used marijuana
  • Hemp is illegal to grow in the U.S since it is a Cannabis plant and is heavily associated with marijuana
  • However, Hemp production in the U.S has began to change state by state and can be grown in some places for “research” but not yet for commercial use
  • It grows really freaking fast

No material will every be 100% sustainable or eco-friendly due to the chemical processes required to break down. But hemp is proving to be a good alternative for the health of the environment. Click here to see a list of great hemp clothing brands to try!

Stay tuned for tomorrow, talking about Bamboo fabric! Don’t forget to hop over to my Instagram to see my daily thrift store finds!


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