Why the fashion industry needs an Eco-Fab touch – Fashion Revolution Week

If it were up to me bras wouldn’t exist and pants would be optional going literally anywhere. Even as a kid my mom would have to beg me to put proper clothing on, and to this day I refuse to wear shoes unless completely necessary.

But since we live in civilized society, clothing is an everyday necessity. Since it is something we use and consume everyday, putting it at the top of our watch list for eco-friendliness is essential.

We all know the terms “organic” and “fair trade”, they’re terms used for food that means “we tried not to hurt Mother Earth with chemicals” and “we treated our workers fairly”. These terms are heavily regulated and it is very difficult for farmers to have their products use these labels. They’re held to a certain standard of corporate responsibility.

The textile industry however, is very different. Riddled with unfairly treated workers and environmentally questionable practices, it’s one of the dirtiest corporate structures in modern society. It is also much more difficult for consumers (you and me) to make the connection between something that starts as a plant or animal (wool, leather, etc.) and ends up as our jacket, pants, or even underwear.

We forget that cotton is a plant, and that leather is cow hide, and that both of those methods contribute heavily to climate change. We also forgot that a staggering number of people who make our clothes live and work in very poor conditions.

This week is Fashion Revolution week, a week that is meant to bring awareness and education to the textile industry (click here to get involved). Stay tuned for this whole week while I share eco-friendly outfits as well as a blog post each day (woah) on how you can be more sustainable in your fashion choices!


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