3 Easy Choices to Live Eco-Friendly You Can Make Today

Someone in a very sassy manner yesterday said to me “You live in an apartment in a big city, how can you live eco-friendly?”. I’m not exposed to this level of ignorance very often but when I am, I see it as an opportunity for education.

It is easy to feel helpless in this giant and unpredictable world. But I’ve learned in the practice of yoga that our individual power comes from our choices. Whether that means choosing to breathe deeply for clarity, choosing to find happiness in your day, or choosing to harness your power as a consumer.

I am also in marketing, it is my job to manipulate minds into thinking a certain way to result in a monetary return. With the endless amount of corporate manipulation (by people like me), it is easy to lose our power as a consumer. When we realize the power we have to dictate the market, since we are the customer, that’s where the magic happens. We, as consumers, have the most power when it comes to invoking change. We stop buying, they stop making. It really is that simple.

Below are 3 Easy Choices to Live Eco-Friendly That You Can Make Today , simply by harnessing your power of choice.

Pick Re-Usable Over Plastic

We all know that the oceans are suffocating in plastic. The world really, is suffocating in plastic. Whether it’s plastic bags, bottles, or storage containers; they all take an huge amount of time to decompose and are easily replaceable by other re-usable products.

All of the products below can be found at The Container Store (my favorite place ever) or through a simple Google search on Amazon.


Use Your Buying Power as a Consumer

You don’t have to only buy organic to be eco-friendly. Investing in produce or product that are locally sourced or fair trade is another good way to harness your buying power as a consumer. Do your homework on different products after you buy them and educated yourself.

Below are some seals on different packages to look for to buy green, fair trade, and eco-fabulous.

Reduce Your Intake of Beef

Watching the documentaries Cowspiracy, Food Choices, and Sustainable will change the way you eat and buy food. While I encourage everyone to do their research on BOTH sides of a subject matter when watching a documentary, making the first step in watching them is important. While I am not fully “vegetarian”, I am lactose-intolerant, whole wheat sensitive, MSG intolerant, and live with a VERY sensitive digestive system. I am always getting educated on food and eating. Since I’ve cut out beef and limited meat in general I feel less sluggish.

I also don’t let this limit me when I want some good ole’ Texas barbecue or any other meat-heavy dish. If I want it, I let myself have it (more of a life motto of mine). I encourage you to spend some time getting educated on how reducing your beef intake can make a difference in climate change.



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  1. I remember learning in university that rules, norms and culture are all established by people everyday through our actions [ not etched in concrete ] and that in most cases, when we feel like we are being controlled – we consented to it. I was mortified that someone would tell me my unhappiness isn’t the man’s fault alone, but mine too … because I was forgetting how powerful I was. Love that you included the idea of manipulation and choice in this post.

  2. Very clear and large logos to remember!

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