5 Low-Key Ways to Make Your Home Decor Eco-Fabulous

Home Decor is so incredibly subjective. But whether you’re going for modern, vintage, functional, or bohemian; there’s are always areas where you can choose eco-friendly.

Being eco-fabulous has never been easier but if you aren’t ready to come out of your green-living closet yet, then here are 5 Low-Key Ways to be Eco-Friendly in Your Home Decor.

1. Recycled outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs can make your outdoor space feel just as homey as your indoor space, they add fun and dimension to otherwise boring concrete, wood decking, etc. They also need to be easy to clean because the outside isn’t exactly…sanitary. While you find most people beating the dirt and dust out of their outdoor rugs until they just buy a new one, invest in something more sustainable.

Repurposing plastic bottles into other items has been a steadily increasing market due to the over-production and over-consumption of plastic in the modern era. Recycled plastic makes the perfect material for outdoor rugs because it’s durable and easily washable! I got mine at a farmer’s market in Ohio, but you can also buy them online from Fab Habitat and other companies, they usually start at around $35.

2. Curtains made out of recycled plastic

There’s something about curtains that make a house feel like a home. There’s also something addicting about sleeping in on the weekends and busting open the curtains to unveil a beautifully sunny day. Whenever I move (which seems frequent these days), I never feel like my space is close to complete without curtains.

While browsing curtain options at Target, I saw bright green packaging (typical dead giveaway of an eco-friendly product). Nevertheless, they were curtains in the exact color I needed that were made out of recycled plastic, Eclipse brand. Each curtain panel contains 27 plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. Personally, I’d much rather have them on my windows.

In addition to looking great and feeling cozy, these are blackout curtains that will block out light and cold, making your energy usage that much more efficient. These curtains are a true eco-fabulous steal.

3. Thrift store furniture

No, this isn’t that gross stuff you find at Goodwill, this requires some research. Look for thrift stores in your area that either work on consignment basis, or have rules and regulations on pieces they will take. With a 20-something year-old budget, you’ll get much nicer furniture (boo Ikea), for a much cheaper price.

After thinking about this, approximately 3 pieces of furniture in my apartment are not from family or a thrift store. I ended up with the most beautiful cherry oak 4 post bed frame from a thrift store for $135. I was able to Up-Cycle and re-do my coffee table after it suffered injury post-move. It really is true that one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure. I’ve been able to make my space look like it’s worth a pretty penny, for a fraction of what I could’ve paid to make it look like this.

4. Cloth napkins

There is also something that feels cozy about a table that is always made up for the spontaneous guest. My modern Martha Stewart mother always had the dining room table made up with a centerpiece, placemats, and chargers. The other thing that makes a complete table are cloth napkins.

In addition to saving paper products which saves trees, energy, water, and chemical run-off, cloth napkins make you feel a little fancy. We associate cloth napkins with special occasions and upscale restaurants. Throw them in the washer when they get dirty and voila! This low-key home decor tip sets an upscale tone with an eco-fab purpose.

5. Family heirlooms

Making a house feel like a home isn’t always easy, but something that provides a quick fix is family heirlooms. Not only are you not going out to a store to buy new goods that waste resources but you’re also saving tons of money. I am so lucky I have a family who have family heirlooms from generations back but also just as far back as my own parents. We have to continue to make family heirlooms out of things our parents had to continue to tradition of family heirlooms


Small changes in our everyday lives is what makes the largest impact in leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Stay Eco-Fab friends!


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    blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } I love this article. You are true Gregory Girl ❤😇👍

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  2. mkhuber says:

    I barely have any new furniture in my apartment. It is all pre-loved I like to say!

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