Week 1 of DevaCurl

I think I finally got the hang of this almost a week after my DevaCurl Cut. There is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to curly and/or wavy hair. It is NOT wash, rinse, repeat. It’s more like try a million things and see which one works somewhat consistently. Below are some curly girl techniques, what they’re meant to do, and if they worked for my hair texture:

Wash 2-3 times per week

Since the No Poo Cleanser is free of sulfates, silicone, and parabens you simply do not have to wash your hair as often. I washed my hair 3 times this week mostly because I couldn’t get the hang of the style of my hair. However, I noticed that after cleansing my scalp and then conditioning my hair (with the One Condition), my hair felt amazing. It was soft and not heavy feeling. My hair on the second day had no greasy effect, and I could’ve easily gone another day without washing.

Infrequent washing = Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon

“Ribboning” hair

I was really committed to making this work, but you just have to know when to throw in the towel. Of course when my amazing hair stylist did it, it looked great. The “ribboning”technique  is when you separate your curls while your hair is still sopping wet (preferably in the shower). This is to encourage your natural curl pattern and also smooth out the cuticle of the hair before it even starts to dry.

I failed pretty hard at this technique. I just really couldn’t seem to get the hang of it without feeling like I was pulling out a lot of my hair. With my hair texture, when it’s properly moisturized, it tends to do this on it’s own. What I ultimately was doing was pulling out my curls before they even stood a chance. I could see this working for hair that has a much tighter curl pattern than mine, but for me it’s a no go.

“Ribboning” hair technique = x-mark-xxl

Using products when hair is still wet

I am going to disclaim this section with I am NOT a hair expert or stylist – just a girl who has been managing her curly hair for her whole life. I think this technique COULD work for my hair texture, once my curls comes back stronger. All the water in your hair plus two stylist products makes the hair super heavy so if your curl pattern isn’t very tight, it could pull the curl out. At least thats the conclusion I came to with my hair texture.

The products I’ve been using are the Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam & the Ultra Defining Gel

As my curl comes back, I am going to come back to this technique but for now = x-mark-xxl

No heat

This didn’t work until day 6 (see hair plopping below). Possibly due to the other factors above of my curl pattern not being very tight and it being weighed down my water and products, air drying did not go very well. I ended up looking like I got stuck in the rain with flat ugly waves. Again, as my curl pattern comes back and I figure out a solid routine, this COULD  work but for now = x-mark-xxl

Day 2 hair

Also, couldn’t exactly figure this one out due to the lack of styling perfection on Day 1. More to come on maintaining your curl on Day 2.

Hair plopping

This technique is a freaking GOD SEND. When my hair stylist, Jennifer, told me about this I was so intrigued. I should’ve tried this earlier. This is a no heat technique where you “plop” you hair upside down in a t-shirt and tie it up while you sleep. Of course, I watched endless YouTube videos until I understood (see: Hair Plopping). I woke up with still slightly damp hair but very bouncy waves that were much more defined than any of the previous days.

Hair Plopping = Very-Basic-Checkmark-iconVery-Basic-Checkmark-iconVery-Basic-Checkmark-icon

This is still a huge learning curve, and I’m confident with the amazing DevaCurl products and guidance from the curly girl community, we can all find a styling routine that embraces our natural texture.


UPDATED! See my DevaCurl Hair Tutorial here:


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