A Week of Extensions – Before DevaCurl

My unhealthy obsession with hair began when I decided I didn’t like my hair being short anymore. Growing up I always had average brown moderately wavy/curly hair. I wore it naturally curly for many years even after I chopped it from halfway down my back to just above my shoulders. The point of no return for my hair came after I dyed it red for almost 2 years straight, had it razor cut, put highlights in it (that required bleaching), and generally abused it to no end. In my quest to grow long strong hair again I tried a multitude of weird things.

I mixed egg yolk and mustard powder and put it on my scalp…which burned.

I used coconut oil all over my head…which I couldn’t wash out for a week.

I took maca root powder because some blog I read said it would work…because blogs are such good sources of information.


This post is from experience though, so no worries. I’ve tried it all and the key to growing long and strong hair is patience. No secret tricks, no magical fix, just good ole’ patience and quality hair care. However, in the meantime there’s a shortcut to long and beautiful locks.

I got my first set of extensions when I was 18, from Luxy. They were very high quality extensions; the color was great and they held up for a very very long time. I loved them. My hair was about chin length, they were 20 inch extensions and I am very short. Moral of the story is I didn’t know how to style them and they did not look great (just ask my college roommates).

The second time around on extensions I wanted to go for 18 inch extensions since my hair was probably already around 14-15 inches. These are Bellami Piccolina and they’re also fantastic, the color is spot on and hardly anyone knows I’m even wearing them! When I started thinking about getting a Deva Cut, I was nervous to say the least. It’s been a very long time since wearing my hair naturally curly on a regular basis. However, between the rep I’ve been in contact with at DevaCurl as well as my stylist, I’m getting very excited!

As an homage to my extensions, 3 inches of my hair, and spending a minimum of 45 minutes on my hair every day, I styled my hair (with extensions) differently every day. I also gave hair tips every day on my Instagram, that you can find here. If you missed it on my Instagram stories, below are all the hairstyles and exactly how I did them.


Hair was greasy (I actually hate washing my hair) so had to put up at least some of it. I used one 3 clip weft and two 4 clip wefts. They were still curled from the day before but after brushing them out and clipping them in I touched them up with a 1 inch barrel curling iron. Then I took my top layers and put them up in a messy bun.


At least my hair was clean now. I used my Tigi Beach Waver and crimped my hair from root to tip. I used two 3 clip wefts, 2 four clip wefts, and 2 two clip wefts. After my whole head was “waved”, I took the pieces around my face, twisted them back (away from my face), and secured them with 2 bobby pins that formed an “X”. Ended up with this bohemian, messy, mermaid type vibe.


Dirty hair again, let’s try some milk maid/pippy long stocking French braids. I made these braids really loose so that it didn’t pull on my hair more than the clips already do. Super fun hairstyle to keep my hair out of my face!









Flat iron curls are my favorite for big sexy Victoria Secret hair but I feel like they’re the hardest on your hair. Once I’ve got the piece of hair with the straightener, I grab it about an inch away from my head so I’m not pulling on the clip that’s in my hair, ouch! This look has ALL the wefts that come in the Bellami 18 inch Piccolina set.

All and all, I’ve loved all of my hair looks and I’m so excited to start my adventure with DevaCurl! Keep and eye out for the next post about how the cut went!


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