Let’s Spring into energy savings

If you live in a climate with seasons, you understand the emotional roller coaster that is spring. One day you’re in a short sleeved shirt, drunk on vitamin D because it hasn’t been this nice out for a solid 7 months. The next day it’s cloudy, cold, and rainy and you can’t seem to get out of your funk.

Mother Nature enjoys playing with our emotions. 

Spring also makes us say WTF when dealing with the temperature inside our homes. Heat on? Heat off? Should I turn on the AC? Do I open the windows? It’s truly a situation that has to be managed, and trying to be sustainable about it is not easy. Here’s a list of helpful tips and tricks to remain sustainable throughout and inconsistent weather that we lovingly call spring.

  • Use your ceiling fans and make sure you switch the direction they’re going based on the weather. And to save your allergies from rearing their ugly head, make sure you dust your fans while you’re up there.
  • Open the windows! Not only are you airing out all of the stale heated air from the winter, but it you will save yourself from turning on the air conditioning too soon.
  • If you have a sliding glass door in your home then make sure the track is clean to ensure a proper seal on the door.
  • Thermal curtains are a life saver! Whether they’re blocking cold air leakage from windows or blocking sun from heating up your home, they’re a good investment year-round.
  • Before turning on your air conditioning for the first time, have it checked for routine maintenance to make sure it’s operating properly and efficiently.

Saving energy means saving money, which allows for more fun activities…like shopping. Don’t let spring play with your emotions because not only does it mean summer is on the way, but you can wear both your winter AND spring clothes! Double the outfit options is always something to be happy about.

Stay eco-fabulous and sustainable, my friends!


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