My minimal makeup look with Tarte Cosmetics

I decided to order myself some new makeup because I was running out and I wanted the joy of ordering something and getting it in the mail. The anticipation is truly addicting.

Finding organic-ish type makeup is no easy task. After tons of research I came upon Tarte Cosmetics. They’re a brand that specifically dubs themselves “eco-chic”…sign me up. They even have vegan-friendly makeup. While I personally do not choose a vegan lifestyle, I can imagine that for people who do finding makeup is difficult. Below is a letter from the founder about the company. Reason #1 I wanted to try this stuff.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 7.13.44 AM.png

On an everyday basis, I do not wear a ton of makeup. On the weekends, unless I’m going out on the town (which is rare), I barely wear anything on my face. Also a note, I have tons of freckles and I love to show them off.

I told myself I could only choose 3 products because ya know, they tell me self-control is important. I thought to myself, what are my favorite features to play up. The answer was simple: eyebrows (obsessed), lashes, and skin tone.

Let’s break it down: 

Skin tone: The best compliment to any freckled face is a good blush. Depending on your skin tone depends on what color blush you choose. For my skin tone, I chose a bright pink.

sheer passion maracuja hydrating cheek tint

to be exact. I have no idea what maracuja is, but the word hydrating pulled me in because I have dry skin. A little goes a very long way here because it is so concentrated and bright. However, that makes the product last longer which is always a good thing. See it here: Sheer Passion

Lashes: Who doesn’t love a great mascara? It adds dimension and contrast to your beautiful eyes. I’m all about a big lash on anyone.

lights, camera, lashes™
4-in-1 mascara

This mascara conditions, adds volume, curls, and lengthens the lashes making your eyes looks big and beautiful. Find it here: Bat those lashes girl

Eyebrows: Seriously ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am all about the brows. I have dark hair and big eyes and there’s nothing better to frame a face and eyes than a great brow. Go get those babies waxed and find a great brow product. Typically I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Duel Tone Brow Power ( Fierce Brows ), but for the weekends I prefer something more natural looking and less time consuming.

colored clay tinted brow gel

Just sweep it on and go! If there was ever something to replace the product I’ve sworn by and recommended for years, it’s this brow gel. Get it here: Natural Brow Perfection

Go out on a limb and try something new, I will definitely be trying more of Tarte Cosmetics, it’s just one more avenue to be eco-fabulous!


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  1. Tarte’s ethics is amazing, I wish we had it in Italy! xx
    Great choiches btw!

  2. itsangie says:

    I’m actually going to check this brand out, I’m such a fan of organic products but they can be so hard to find 🙂 great post also!

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