Your addiction to Amazon is actually good for the planet

E-commerce (also known as your Amazon addiction) is good for the planet and thus, dubbed eco-fabulous. Because what is more fabulous than getting the stuff you need at the push of a button, and helping the environment along the way?

Nothing, there is nothing more fabulous than that.

Ordering things online is basically a gift to yourself, it satisfies this child-like desire to get something in the mail. When we were kids, we were always so happy someone thought of us and snail mailed us something, whether is was birthday cards or just a letter from grandma. Then we grew up and someone thought of us all right, the companies who want you to pay your bills… the mail became far less exciting. Then boom! Along comes Amazon and E-Bay, and all of a sudden you could do yourself a favor and get yourself something that arrived in the mail that you’re probably really excited about. Thanks Self, you made our day better.

According to a study done by Carnegie Mellon University, online retail outlets use approximately 30% less energy than traditional retail stores. Let’s break it down:

Traditional store: 

Manufacturer – Transportation – Warehouse – Transportation – Store – YOU – Transportation (x2 because you had to get to the store and back home)


Manufacturer – Transportation – Warehouse – Transportation – YOU

This is a very over-simplified version of both of these processes, but they can be used as a baseline. Not only are you cutting out costs in transportation but also the energy and resources it takes to run a retail store. So I encourage you to not put on pants, grab your computer, and order away!

PRO-TIP: If you have to go to a store for some item, look it up online and call the store. They can look up any item number, SKU number, etc. and tell you if they have it at that store specifically. You’ll save gas running around to different stores, and a great deal of time.

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  1. Even if you buy ebooks you save paper

  2. epiccat667 says:

    An interesting concept! I would love to know more of the specifics. What does this do for small businesses? Does it help it or hinder it? So many questions.

    1. brookewiland says:

      Hi eppiccat667! Sites like Etsy are becoming a vehicle for small business to ship their products all around the world. Also typically small businesses do not eat quite as much energy and resources as your big chain stores, I totally encourage supporting your local businesses in every way possible. Also, here is a link:
      to another list of websites that small businesses can utilize in order to push their product out on an e-commerce level.

      1. epiccat667 says:

        Awesome! Thanks for the info, and the follow as well. 🙂

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