Glowing skin that’s eco-friendly, fabulous, and inexpensive!

Fact #1: I have a strong Irish background.

Ok cool, what does that mean? That means I have very fair skin, and a lot of freckles.

Fact #2: My skin is also very sensitive

Any kind of rogue skin care product that my face doesn’t like, forget about going into public for a while. Red blotches and bumps…not cute.

As a result of all of these facts, I have started making my skin care routine a little more organic. After surfing Pinterest and getting unavoidably distracted by “easy crockpot soups” and “DIY pumpkin carving ideas”, I finally found one that looked pretty legitimate.

4 Ingredients: Liquid castile soap, jojoba oil, raw organic honey, and water.

Let’s break down why this is good for your skin:

  1. Castile soap – it’s made of organic, vegetarian oils and apparently you can clean almost everything with it (I’ll be testing these claims in the coming months).
  2. Jojoba oil – surprisingly this is not even an oil, it’s a liquid wax (I’m sure there’s some kind of chemistry difference but I failed chemistry 3 times so you’re really better off googling it). But the point is that the plant it comes from is similar to the natural oil that the glands under your skin already makes. Moral of the story: it won’t clog your pores.
  3. Raw organic honey – it is a natural anti-bacterial so it is great for acne prone skin (thank you stress and chocolate). Honey is also a great moisturizer so it is great for dry skin.
  4. Water – there are far too many reasons why water is good for you and your skin so…google it.

This is where I got the recipe for this face wash: 

After using it for one week I have noticed less blackheads, no breakouts, and generally more smoothed and moisturized skin. Also, I probably will not have to buy the ingredients to make this face wash for a very long time, aka it’s much cheaper than buying commercial face wash.

Eco-friendly and fabulous never made my wallet or skin feel so good!

P.S. The featured photo is without makeup after using this organic face wash for a whole week.


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