5 steps on how to make this Autumn eco-friendly

It’s been a while! But as the air got colder (as in about 30 degrees colder), I started thinking about how to jump into fall and still maintain the eco-friendly lifestyle. This thinking process started in September and so I thought and thought and thought some more. I got a dog, ate some (ok fine, a lot) of candy corn, and got generally very distracted from sharing with all of you how to be eco-friendly this fall. Now I find myself in mid-October (wasn’t June just yesterday?) and finally focusing long enough to actually write this post. My apologies for the delay BUT  better late than never, right?

Here we go: 

  1. When your heater kicks on for the first time of the season, it is normal for there to be a slight smell. However what IS NOT normal is the smell of rotten eggs. If you smell rotten eggs inside or outside of your home for any extended period of time, call your gas company immediately. Your furnace, regulator, or something else could not be working properly which not only is wasting natural gas, but is also very dangerous.
  2. If you have furniture in front of your vents, do some feng-shui. Having furniture covering where the heat comes out majorly reduces the efficiency of your heating system which causes it to run more which is expensive and majorly not eco-friendly…
  3. Ditch the blower to gather your leaves and grab a rake. Not only does raking not use any energy (except for your own), but it leaves you proudly sore for at least a week post-raking. Good luck getting anything off of the top shelf!
  4. Use those leaves! Put autumn leaves into your mulch to breakdown during the winter to nourish the soil for spring. You’ll thank me in approximately 6 months (maybe…if we’re lucky to have a winter that short…)
  5. Tis’ the season of soup and crockpots! Make big batches of soup at once and freeze in glass jars for easy lunches. Also crockpots are great energy savers for when you want to come home to an easy meal.

So go out and enjoy the crisp fall air, because before we all know it, the snow will start falling and we will all start questioning why we don’t live on a beach somewhere.

Stay eco-friendly and fabulous!



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