Green your life Monday: Beat the August heat

The month of August is also known as the pits of the summer. Everyone is hot and sweaty and ready for fall weather to start setting in. So today, on Green Your Life Monday we are going to talk about an extensive list on how to beat the heat (without hurting the planet):

  1. Wearing natural fabrics that breathe will help reduce your body temperature, so stick to cottons, hemp, and linen
  2. Stay hydrated and avoid caffeine and alcohol. I’m not trying to ruin your morning or night buzz but caffeine and alcohol dehydrate the body. My advice is stick to your morning coffee, and drink an extra glass of water
  3. When you’re gone during the day close windows, curtains, and blinds. This helps shield your home from heating up which causes your air conditioning to click on more often
  4. Use an outdoor (propane) grill or the microwave to cook, not only do they use less energy but they won’t heat up your home
  5. Check your air filter, a dirty air filter can make your air conditioning work double time
  6. Install a programmable thermostat, this allows you to be able to have maximum control over the temperature and see if/how much it fluctuates
  7. Plant trees! They provide shade and add property value to your home when planted strategically

Before we all know it, the summer will be over, so go out and enjoy it! Happy August friends, stay fabulous & eco-friendly.


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