Green your life Monday: Stop BUGGING me!

I always remember running around the house when I was a kid, trying to close all the windows while the bug spray truck drove around the neighborhood spraying God only knows what into the air. So since summer, and the bugs that accompany it, have descended upon us it’s time to talk about natural ways to keep the bugs at bay!

  • Have a moth issue? Simply buy some cedar chips to put them in your dresser or closet and watch the moths fly right on out of your life
  • Find yourself reacting like Ron in Harry Potter when spiders are around?ron-spiderTry rubbing citrus peels wherever you find the spiders and you never have to make this face ever again
  • Mosquito problem? These little vampires love me, everyone says it’s because I’m so sweet. They clearly don’t know me well enough. My solution is lemon eucalyptus oil, rub it on yourself, on outdoor furniture, pretty much everything
  • Ant issue? White vinegar in a spray bottle works wonders for where these little guys like to hang out
  • Going on a hike and want to repel the bugs? Keep a dryer sheet in your pocket, you’ll smell way better than if you drowned yourself in bug spray
  • Build a bat house so they can take care of them for you! Yes, people actually do that, google it

For more ways on how to stay bug free, check out: 

Using these all natural repellents help keep chemicals from bug spray out of the air, and they’re much healthier to breathe. Your body and the Earth will thank you. Stay bug-free and fabulous, my friends!


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