Currently on Tuesday: The Pope and the greenhouse gases

All of the non-believers of climate change have many wealthy people in the corner backing them up, hmmm that must be nice. But guess what?! For those of us folk who believe in science, we just gained quite the supporter. THE POPE! That’s right ladies and gents, Pope Francis has come out saying that climate change is caused from humans and we should fix it. And I mean how do you disagree with the Pope? (p.s. you don’t)

So how might I know this, you ask? An Italian publication leaked the (almost) final draft of a highly anticipated encyclical (not quite sure what that is) of the Pope addressing climate change. Essentially, it was 192 pages of the Pope being awesome and believing in science. This is quite a beautiful example of how science and religion do not have to be on different sides. The Pope also adds a word of hope by stating that protecting the earth could “unite the human family”. And if you recall a previous post that is exactly what I would suggest. Research shows that cooperation between groups reduces aggression towards others, and there’s no better cause to unite us than protecting where we live?

Disclaimer: This was NOT a final draft of the encyclical (still not sure what that is) that was due to be released by the Vatican on Thursday. AKA the Pope could still put more awesome stuff in this publication that hopefully inspires people to be a good caretaker of their own environment.

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