Green your life Monday: road rage and reducing emissions

I’ve been called everything from a “crazy driver” to a “grandma driver”, it really just depends on who is in the car with me. But I will reassure you, I have never had a ticket or gotten into an accident so I’ve got to be doing something right, right? One of the best ways to reduce your gas emissions is to driver kinder and smarter. Here we go:

  • Idling gets you no where in life, or with your engine heat. You have to move forward! The best way to warm up your engine in the winter is to simply drive the car.
  • Don’t be a big fat jerk when you drive. Sounds simple, right? Avoid rapid acceleration and fast breaking. Repeat after me, “cruise control is my friend”. Simply not being a big fat jerk can increase your fuel efficiency by up to 33%
  • Keep your car cleaned out. This one is quite the struggle for me. But having extra weight in your car actually  increases the amount of gas it takes to make the car move. I’m sure your coworkers would also appreciate it when you volunteer to drive when you go out to lunch.
  • Maintain your vehicle. Your car is always there for you, ya know. It takes you from point A to point B, so give it a little TLC when it needs it. Proper motor oil, engine tune-ups, and clean air filters not only help your loyal vehicle stay in good working order but it also helps the environment
  • Prior planning prevents poor performance. Fuel performance that is. Sitting down for 10 minutes to plan out all your errands in one shot makes the gasoline you’re using much more efficient.
  • Long term…get a more fuel efficient car. I’m not a small car kinda gal, so I never was a huge proponent of fuel efficient cars (I shouldn’t admit that). But now they’re making larger cars more fuel efficient to please every kind of car owner, and I might even consider one when I get a new car.

Keep some of these tips and tricks in mind next time you’re behind the wheel. Oh, and isn’t is politically correct for me to now make some statement about not being a distracted driver? Yeah, don’t text and drive, or eat and drive, or FaceTime and drive, or change clothes and drive (not that I have ever done any of these things…). Just drive. Have a great Monday, my friends!


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