Currently on Tuesday: The young man who’s going to fix the oceans problems

The conservationist we are talking about in this post is 20 years old. HE HAS ONLY BEEN ON THIS PLANET FOR 20 YEARS, and he has come up with a genius contraption to rid the ocean’s waters of plastic.


I’m pretty sure the most impressive thing I’ve done in the last month was eat half of a cake by myself in one night, can you say “eating your emotions”?

Moving right along, so this guy is pretty awesome if you ask me. His name is Boyan Slat and he originally came up with this idea when he was 17, and has continued to develop it with a team of researchers, called The Ocean Cleanup. Formerly he was an aerospace engineering student (why am I not surprised?) and he was inspired to come up with this concept when he went diving and saw more plastic than fish…Just think about that next time you throw away a plastic bottle.

Now, he’s not some plastic vigilante who is going on James Bond missions to grab as much plastic from the water as he can. He has gotten VERY smart about this endeavor. He has created a giant net device that passively captures the plastic as it floats into the device from ocean currents. But, it does not capture fish. It is the most efficient option that anyone has come up with to date. The device concentrates on the top 3 meters of the water, due to the fact that that is where most of the plastic dwells. Slat has got 70 other scientists and engineers that believe in this project, so he can tell the nay-sayers “don’t believe me, just watch”.

He has given a TEDX talk on his project and been incredibly successful with funding so far. I am so excited to see where this guy’s project goes, and hopefully I’ll be featuring him on Props Wednesday when the project has been successfully executed. For now, this is one to keep an eye on. He is a young visionary who won’t let anyone tell him he cannot go forward.

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  1. Agree, and hope this is soon tried out.Will try and link this to a poem I did on litter and seeing a sparrow with plastic stuck to its foot.

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