Green your life Monday: All hail the mighty Sun

There is two facts of life that will always be true:

  1. The sun comes up
  2. The sun goes down

So that means, depending on the season and your geographic location, you have sunlight for at least 10 hours per day. Here on the west coast that is pretty consistent. And, what do ya know its bikini season! And, oh wait! We live in a day and age where we feel like we’ve lost our left arm if we cannot find our cell phone. Well never fear, because the solar powered bikini is here! Never again will you be left out on the beach or by the pool without a way to charge your phone.


Now, here are my questions. Is it less effective if you have less surface area in the chest area? Because not all of us are so, uhm…blessed (with or without a good plastic surgeon). Next question, when I’m by the pool or at the beach relaxing I want to be as far away from my phone as humanly possible, so why would anyone need this? Well I’m here to give you a more sensible option if you’re not spending your days sun bathing a contemplating which cosmetic procedure to have done next.

Why not just a solar powered phone charger that can be soakin’ up some rays in your car window while you’re at work? Yes, these actually exist and they are not very expensive. Anywhere from $20-$100 you can start using the energy of the sun to power your texts, tweets, instas, posts, and oh yeah, phone calls. You can find them on,, the options are endless.

So this Monday, green up your life by keeping your “connection to the world” device (wow that sounds futuristic), powered up and ready to go!


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