Snapshot Saturday: And our first feature goes to…drumroll please!!!


Now, I have called Drew my little brother for years. And, I think it is finally time for me to admit that he’s not a kid anymore but a very mature and rapidly growing, young photographer. We both volunteered at the Toledo Zoo together, and then once I started working there he was my favorite ZooTeen helper to help with summer camps. The summer I got my first DSLR camera was my last summer before I went to college. AKA, the last summer that Drew and I could teach summer camp together (so sad). I will never forget his eyes lighting up when I told him he could borrow my camera to take some pictures and from then on, he has been getting better and better! He currently holds a snooze guide position at the Toledo Zoo following his 5 year career as a ZooTeen. He has a huge passion for wildlife photography and great apes that is unmatched in anyone I’ve ever met. I look forward to watching him pursue his education in biology and become the next leading primate expert of our time. Stay tuned for this one, ladies and gents because he’s going places, and is going to do great things. Here are some of Drew’s favorite photos that he’s captured:

image1 image2 image3 image4


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