Props Wednesday: Costumes for Conservation

I love all (most) animals, but there’s only a couple that I go coo coo for coco puffs about. One of those animals is the Giant Panda, the obsession has been real since around 2002. The only reason I actually have a year on this was because my family took a vacation to Washington DC and I got to see the pandas at the national zoo. Then, for my next birthday my room was completely decorated in giant panda things because the obsession was so real. And now, I am finally secure enough as an adult to admit my mild childhood obsession with pandas. I almost got the chance to go see pandas when I travelled to China in 2009, but unfortunately I did not work out. On the other side of the coin, I wouldn’t be mad about having to go back, it was a cool country to travel in.

Getting back on track, lets talk about why pandas are cool:

  • They pretty much only eat bamboo, with the exception of other small plants and even animals. I guess when you’re as cool as a panda you can be picky
  • Pandas eat up to 40 pounds of food per day. Where do I sign up to live this lifestyle?
  • When they aren’t eating insane amounts of bamboo, they sleep… I volunteer as tribune!
  • Mother pandas usually gives birth to two cubs, but only one survives.
  • Conservationists in China dress up in pandas suits to work with giant pandas…


So today props are going out to the China Conservation and Research Center for giant pandas! This facility provides a naturalistic environment for giant pandas to breed, and then goes through a complex process of teaching these animals how to live in the wild so they can be re-released. Within this process comes the issue of caring for these panda cubs without getting them imprinted on humans. The researchers overcome this issue by dawning panda costumes that have had panda urine and feces rubbed all over them. Oh, the things people will do for the good of the animals. I would still do it. Even though China is very strict about pandas outside of their country, they are protecting these animals and are doing a good job at it. So you go China! You have a beautiful, scenic country and you care about your animals!

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