Currently on Tuesday: Cruz-in’ for climate change

Tuesday is my one day a week to be opinionated on politics, and that is enough for me. I figured Ted Cruz’s uneducated opinions were going to catch up to him eventually. But, I never thought it would be in quite a dramatic way. Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the last week, you have heard about the massive flooding in the southern United States. The death toll in Texas has climbed to 24 due to the natural disaster.

Now the Republican Texas Senator has some questions to answer to about climate change. Cruz has publicly, and quite rudely refuted that climate change is real. Climate change is not something that is real or not. Science are facts. Let’s look at some other scientific facts:

  1. The sun rises and sets every day (or does it?)
  2. When you drop something it falls because of gravity (are you sure?)
  3. There are other planets besides Earth (or is it a government conspiracy?)

These are proven facts that no one argues with because they have scientific research to back them up. This is how I think about it: not everyone believed the Earth was spherical even after ships returned from not falling off the edge of the Earth. However now, it is a widely accepted FACT that the Earth is in fact, not flat.

Is the research new? Yes. But that does not mean climate change is not factual.

For now, Ted Cruz refuses to acknowledge the questions from the media on climate change due to addressing the tragedy in Texas. But after all is said and done, it will be interesting to see if the Senator changes his tune.

An atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University said it best, “The science isn’t political. It’s the solutions that are political”

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