Green tip Monday: Tis the season of farmer’s markets

So today on green your life Monday we are going to explore why farmers markets are a great way to supplement your food buying experience.

Here’s how it traditionally goes:

Farm → Mass Transit → Grocery Store → You

The side effects: Increased price to pay the grocery store and more pesticides on the produce so that it actually stays fresh through the long journey it takes to get to your dinner table

Here’s how it goes at a farmer’s market:

Farm → You

The side effects: Decreased prices due to cutting out the middle man and less pesticides on the produce from the lack of having to mass travel to a grocery store

Pros of shopping at the farmer’s market:

  1. You’re buying locally grown produce and locally made products, and supporting local economy is ALWAYS a good thing
  2. You’re taking excessive energy out of the mix. By cutting out the middle man, you’re helping take out excess gasoline, electricity, etc.
  3. The food and products you get typically have less pesticides, preservatives, and chemicals (P.S. that means they’re better for you)

Some interesting things we found on this adventure:

  • Local, raw honey – since local bees make honey out of local plants, consuming local, raw honey can help with seasonal allergies. I am testing this theory as we speak
  • Organic soap – Ok now I sound pretentious, but I have very sensitive skin. For dry or sensitive skin, organic soap is a good option because it is made out of essential oils and (typically) does not have any chemicals in it
  •  Oddly colored tomatoes – we have already eaten some and they are freaking amazing! I’m not sure why they’re all different colors but they were pretty (yes, I really just said that)
  • The best cheese ever – no but seriously, they won a cheese competition in England… 3 times! Not only is the cheese the best thing ever, it is produced using renewable energy.

Now, I don’t exclusively shop at farmers markets because they usually do not have everything I need. But even just buying your produce at a farmers market can make more of a difference than you will ever know!

Perfection is not required, but effort is!

So go out and green up your life by finding your closest farmers market! Stay eco-friendly and fabulous, my friends!



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