Props Wednesday: Kim K and A Killer Whale walk into a Taco Bell…

On this beautiful Wednesday I shall be giving major props to Seaworld and Taco Bell. When I originally got the idea for this post, I had a strange mental image of a killer whale eating a crunch wrap supreme. Now surprisingly when you google “killer whale eating a taco”, you do not come up with any results. However, I did get this:


I hope this entertained you as much as it did me. Sorry Kim K.

Back to giving props! My recent post about the oil spill in California (  mentioned that Seaworld was taking on the animals that needed to be cleaned up and also required medical care. Now we all know about Blackfish and the damage it did to Seaworld (if you need more info read: ) Well when you visit Seaworld, your admission is not only helping run the park and care for the animals but you are also helping their conservation efforts outside of the park. They have been rehabilitating marine wildlife for around 50 years and they are darn good at it. Their website claims they’ve helped about 25,000 animals from manatees to penguins to seals to porpoises. Seaworld is enacting and completing the mission of most zoos, aquariums, and wildlife parks: educating people about the other inhabitants of this planet, and also taking an active role in saving those animals. So you go Seaworld, keep doin’ your thing!

I’ll let you in on a little secret that if you spend more than 5 minutes around me, isn’t really a secret: I LOVE mexican food. I love making it, I love eating it, it’s just kind of the best thing ever. With that being said, I am not one to frequent Taco Bell. However, I have to give MAJOR props to T-Bell’s parent company, YUM brands, for their decision to stop using unsustainable palm oil. This decision came with an umbrella initiative to take out a lot of their artificial ingredients, which is also pretty awesome. So go get your gordita crunch, crunch wrap supremes, baja tacos, and feel good about it because it’s a big company making a big difference. For more on palm oil visit:

Give someone props today, and happy hump day!


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