Currently on Tuesday: Candidates on Climate Change

Today, for Currently on Tuesday we are going to talk a little politics. Truth be told, I am not really into politics. I didn’t even want to vote in the 2012 election because Obama shut down the middle of my college campus and made me late to class. Yes, I actually got stopped by the secret service on my way to class and Obama highly inconvenienced my day by making me walk an extra 15 minutes, making me late to class, and making me lose points for being late to class. Thanks Obama.

However, what does intrigue me is how the Presidential candidates feel about climate change. Climate change is happening, it’s a thing, it’s real, end of story. There are arguments on both sides but if you can’t admit that the overpopulation of planet Earth is harming the environment even just a little bit then I recommend you educate yourself. However, if you’re eco-friendly and fabulous then you want to make an informed decision on who you want to watch for the 2016 election.

PRO TIP: for the 2012 election, Starbucks gave people free coffee if they came in with their little “I voted” sticker. So if supporting the democratic process isn’t enough incentive to vote, do it for the Starbucks

Alright let’s do this:

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz do not believe that climate change is happening, they have been very open about their opinions. But, Cruz has decided to use some fightin’ words by comparing people who believe in climate change to people who believed the Earth was flat…Rude. At least Rubio has some class and decorum when addressing a viewpoint that is different from his own. Rubio: 1 Cruz: -1,000

Mike Huckabee continues to deflect when asked about climate change issues. Because what politician doesn’t actually answer the questions they are asked? Oh wait, all of them.

Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina both acknowledge that climate change is an issue. However, their stance to this opinion has changed over the years from being against the acknowledgement of climate change. And folks, that what happens when you take the time to get yourself some education!

Ben Carson is pleasing audiences on both sides of the fence by not seeing climate change as an issue but urging companies to work with the EPA to maintain eco-friendly practices. Because when you play both sides of the fence everyone wins, right?

Hillary Clinton you won’t find it in her e-mails but she in fact does believe in climate change. She has said she will follow Obama’s initiatives for the environment. But in addition, she will take donations to advance “projects”…too soon?

Bernie Sanders is the definition of an environmental advocate. He firmly believes in climate change and wants to do everything possible to help the situation

Now, in my opinion, it is too early to decide who you like. 2016 is far far away and a lot of things are going to happen between now and then. However, it is interesting to look at everything as of now. I believe in balance. It is like a good meal, there’s a perfect balance of savory, sweet, acidity, richness, etc. This balance is near impossible to attain, however if the human race can make it this far then I’m confident we can figure it out.

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  1. Interesting, here in UK election climate change and the environment were largely ignored except for the Green Party which surged with membership and votes.

    1. brookewiland says:

      Wow! It’s always an issue here in the U.S., and the responses and actions taken by different people are always something to watch! Thank you!

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