Let’s do some spring cleaning

Within my moving process I was inspired to organize Brookes WildLife so here we go:

“green your life” Monday

currently on Tuesday

conservation highlight Wednesday

up-cycling Thursday

animal fact Friday

snapshot Saturday

So you might notice that Sunday is missing, that is so you can take a break from listening to me ramble. Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? So I will explain what to expect on each of these days as follow:

  • “green your life” Monday: this will be tips on making every day living more eco-friendly without sacrificing your fabulous-ness, also may include green product reviews, etc.
  • currently on Tuesday: clubs may or may not be going up on Tuesday but I can bet there are environment issues going up on a Tuesday. This will be a day of re-capping environment issues from the week
  • conservation highlight Wednesday: hump day shall be the day of props. I will be giving props to conservation organizations, and awesome conservationists around the world
  • up-cycling Thursday: if you’ve read any of my blogs you know I LOVE shopping (and after moving all my clothes I may or may not have a shopping problem). So Thursday we will talk about how to up-cycle your style, your home, and your life
  • animal fact Friday: whatever animal strikes me that week I shall write about and wish to hug it
  • snapshot Saturday: just some cool photography of my own or highlighting other photographers

And there’s a picture of a hippo up there because why not?


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